A Food Tour of DC

dc When we visited Washington DC this summer we checked out all the main sites: the National Mall, Georgetown, a couple of the Smithsonian museums, and Ford’s Theatre. But looking back at our pictures from the day we spent downtown, it seemed like most of our trip revolved around eating food. We had a couple of places in mind to eat at when we wandered into the city but we ended up grabbing most of our meals from whatever restaurant we were closest to when we got hungry. We found quite a few fun places so here’s a recap of our food tour of DC.

A Food Tour of DC: Pi PizzaOur day started out with cupcakes at Georgtown Cupcake (see my post here) and then we slowly made our way farther into town (after making a quick visit to Old Stone House). We went to a museum and by the time we finished we were ready for lunch. We found Pi Pizzeria on the way to our next stop.

A Food Tour of DC: Pi PizzeriaPi Pizzeria is one of those trendy restaurants with brick walls, an aluminum paneled ceiling, and a chalkboard-wall menu. The atmosphere was really fun and we were seated right away.

A Food Tour of DC: Pi PizzeriaWe ended up getting a thin crust pepperoni because we are creative like that and it was sooo good. Pi also offers deep dish pizzas and a variety of toppings but this pepperoni pizza was perfect. It was nice and hot with a crispy crust and just thinking about it makes me hungry.

pi_pizza1Our pizza was the perfect lunch and it was exactly what we needed before moving on to our next stop.

A Food Tour of DC: JaleoAfter a tour of Ford’s Theatre, a quick visit to the National Museum of Natural History, and miles of walking around DC, we grabbed a quick snack at Jaleo. Jaleo is known for their Spanish Tapas and fun decor.

A Food Tour of DC: JaleoWe grabbed an order of their dátiles con tocino ‘como hace todo el mundo’ or fried bacon-wrapped dates. I’ve never had bacon-wrapped dates before but they were as good as everyone makes them seem. Frying them was a nice touch and these little snacks were enough food to keep us going for a little while.

A Food Tour of DC: CentralAfter wandering the streets for a bit we stopped at Central Michel Richard for drinks. We started out on the patio until a huge gust of wind came by, knocking umbrellas and chairs over and sending us inside.

A Food Tour of DC: CentralThe bread and butter were really good. I don’t know if I was just tired and hungry after walking around all day but it was amazing.

A Food Tour of DC: CentralWe tried a few of their signature cocktails. I ended up with the Sanguine L’Orange (my favorite of the three we tried), which was made with Ketel One Orange, Aperol, Blood Orange, and Lemon. It had a nice citrus-y flavor.

A Food Tour of DC: CentralWe also tried the Saint Barth’s Punch with Germain Robin Brandy, Triple Sec, Pineapple, Lime, and Angostura. Pretty good but not as fruity as the Sanguine L’Orange.

A Food Tour of DC: CentralAnd finally we sampled the Fig Old Fashioned made with Maker’s Mark, Fig, Brandied Cherry, Lemon, and Angostura. I have to admit, I really only like alcohol that doesn’t taste like alcohol so this was a bit much for me.

national_mallFrom there we visited the Lincoln Memorial before heading back to Virginia for dinner (more pizza, but not nearly as good as Pi). Overall, I’d say our food tour of DC was a success.plane_foodBonus round- I ended up with an entire exit row to myself on the flight back home so I splurged with a cheese plate and a juice spritzer.

Have you ever done a food tour of DC or any other city?


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