August Beauty Favorites

August Beauty FavoritesFor the month of August, I was all about bright colors. With the temperature well above 100 degrees (and a whole week above 115!), neutral colors just didn’t cut it. I wanted all the bright, fun colors I could get my hands on! August was all about rediscovering old favorites of mine as well as finding a new favorite. My August Beauty Favorites were Benefit’s Roller Lash, Urban Decay’s Deluxe Palette, and Julep’s Ally.

benefit_rollerlashI got a sample of Benefit’s Roller Lash when it first came out a few months ago but I was waiting until I finished my current mascara to try it out. I started using Roller Lash at the end of July and I’m really surprised by how much I like it. I hate Benefit’s They’re Real mascara because it is impossible to remove and I always poke myself in the eye with the wand (and they use plastic bristles so it really hurts). Roller Lash is a huge improvement. It is designed to curl and lift your lashes although I don’t really notice those benefits. The brush is much thinner than a lot of brushes out there so it’s easy to coat every lash without poking your eye out! I’ve found that’s it’s very easy to get a dramatic look with this mascara and it is incredibly easy to use. This stays on all day and doesn’t smudge on me (an issue I have with a lot of mascaras, even waterproof ones). Although it lasts all day, it comes off easily with my regular facial cleanser and water, no special makeup removers required!

urban_decay_deluxe_paletteUrban Decay’s Deluxe Palette is an older eye shadow palette that has been discontinued. I was able to pick it up during a sale a while ago for only $10. This is a fun palette but the colors are so bright that it doesn’t work for every day. I tend to pull this out during the summer or when I want really bright looks and I’ve been using it so much lately that it was an obvious choice for my August beauty favorites post. I love Ransom and Peace (especially together) and Graffiti is a fun unexpected shade to wear. Scratch is a beautiful pinky neutral. The shadows blend nicely but I have to layer them over a white base to make the colors really pop. Applying these with a brush gives a softer look while a foam applicator is necessary for intense looks. These aren’t the best quality Urban Decay eye shadows so I can see why this was discontinued but it was a really great deal for the price.

julep_allyJulep’s Ally is a constant favorite of mine but I find myself wearing it a lot more during the summer. This was a surprise polish for me- I received it in one of my Maven boxes and I only chose that box because I really wanted the other color it was paired with. The other color ended up just being ok but I fell in love with this. I saw a reviewer describe it as “Katy Perry blue” and that is the perfect description. This is a bold, bright blue with shimmer. It does have Julep’s signature blue-polish-smell to it which isn’t much fun but the color is absolutely gorgeous. I love to wear this on my toes and I do it so often that if I had a signature pedicure polish, this would be it.

august_beauty_favorites1August was a fun beauty month for me. I found a mascara that lasts all day without smudging but still washes away easily at night. I revisited a palette full of bright colors and created a lot of fun looks and even found some new combinations to wear. I also remembered just how much I love a nail polish color. Seriously, just seeing this fun blue on my toes all month brought a smile to my face!

What were your beauty favorites for August?


11 thoughts on “August Beauty Favorites

  1. Ursula aka Blueridge Beauty says:

    I love your review of your makeup…love the eyeshadows from Decay and the Benefit mascara! Love the deep blue nail polish!

    Ursula aka Blueridge Beauty

  2. Allison says:

    I am dying to try Benefit’s Roller Lash. I was wishing for a sample but it never came my way. I’m waiting for the Ulta or Sephora sale events toward the holidays to pick it up

    • mollyandstacie says:

      It is an old palette but the colors are so much fun! A lot of them can be very intense so I use it very sparingly. I never use the black though, I wish they would have used a different color instead.

  3. Tee Joe says:

    That blue nail polish… Fab-o!!! Your eye shadow palette is gorgeous. I would love to see an updated review of the UD palette with swatches. Great product feature!

  4. Jodi says:

    That eyeshadow palette looks so fun! Even if they’re not as pigmented – at least it allows them to be built up, even if it’s annoying. :P (At least for me)

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