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Bite Bellini Lipstick and LipglossBite Beauty recently partnered with Sephora on three new limited edition lipsticks and matching 250 point perks. Starting this month, Sephora is releasing a new point perk each month until October. They contain a mini lipstick, lipgloss, and matching button mirror, all in a color that matches Bite’s limited edition lipstick for that month. August’s color is a bright pink, so naturally I had to have it (September is a red shade and October is rumored to be a dark berry). For 250 points, I received two versions of Bite Bellini, plus a cute matching mirror.

Bite Bellini Lipstick and LipglossThe set contains a mini Lush Fruit Lipgloss and a mini Luminous Creme Lipstick. The full sized lipstick is currently available for purchase on its own but the lipgloss is only available in this point perk. I already have a couple of compact mirrors to take on the go but the one in this set is so cute that I’m glad it was included. I think it would also be really fun to glue a magnet to the back and stick it to the fridge.

Bite Bellini LipglossThe mini Lush Fruit Lipgloss in Bellini is a decent size and the color is really nice. Bite Bellini isn’t that unique of a shade but it does lean warmer than most bright pinks I have. It’s different enough for me (a pink lover) to buy but I’m not sure anyone else would notice much of a difference. I think the warmth makes it more wearable than a lot of fuchsias so if you have a hard time with bright pinks this might be worth checking out. I’m not a huge fan of lipgloss in general and I’ve never really liked the feel of Bite’s that much. Their glosses are really thick so they can be hard to apply but they do last a long time and don’t seem to bleed on me. They aren’t particularly sticky and they are really shiny.

Bite Bellini LipstickBite’s Luminous Creme Lipstick in Bellini is the same warm bright pink shade. It seems like a really small sample compared to the lipgloss but there’s actually a lot of product. I’ve had issues with Bite’s minis breaking in the past so I’m going to be a lot more careful with this one. So far I like this lipstick a lot more than the other Bite shades I own. I don’t know if they’ve changed the formula or what but it wears better and doesn’t flake on me like the older shades do. I find the shape of the mini makes it a little hard to apply but I love the color. It’s so bright and cheery and since it leans warmer it is easy to wear for me.

Mac Viva Glam Miley Cyrus, Bite Bellini, Bite Palomino Comparison Swatches

Mac Viva Glam Miley Cyrus, Bite Bellini, Bite Palomino

I’ve seen a lot of people ask how Bellini compares to other shades, especially Bite’s Palomino. It is much brighter and warmer than Palomino, which leans just a little purple and cool. The closest color I have to it is Mac’s Viva Glam Miley Cyrus, which is a little lighter and not as opaque. I absolutely love the Mac shade (it’s probably my favorite lipstick I’ve bought this year) so I’m happy to have another color that’s similar. In terms of formulas, Viva Glam Miley Cyrus is lighter and more moisturizing but it does transfer more easily. Bellini is creamier and a little heavier but it still feels nice on the lips.

Bite Bellini lipgloss, Bellini lipstick, Bellini lipgloss over lipstick comparison swatches

Bellini lipgloss, Bellini lipstick, Bellini lipgloss over lipstick

The lipgloss is very pigmented and pretty opaque on its own. It has good color payoff and can definitely be worn on its own. The lipstick has a slightly richer color and is completely opaque with a creamy, satin finish. When the gloss is worn over the lipstick it creates a deeper shade that is completely opaque and super shiny.

Bite Bellini Lipgloss SwatchThe Bellini lipgloss is full of color even when worn by itself. It’s a milky color with no shimmer but lots of shine. This looks much more vibrant in person. Unlike a lot of glosses with a lot of pigment like this it doesn’t go on patchy or unevenly.  The thick formula stops it from bleeding and it has a slightly tacky but not overly sticky feel to it.

Bite Bellini Lipstick SwatchThe lipstick is very bright and creamy. It glides on well and has a satin finish. This is very opaque with just one pass so even though I only have a mini of this shade it will last for a long time. The formula is better than the Bite lipsticks I’ve tried in the past but it’s still not as nice as I would like. I really like this color although I prefer the formula of the very similar Mac Viva Glam Miley Cyrus lipstick.

Bite Bellini Lipgloss Over Lipstick SwatchWhen the Bite Bellini lipgloss is layered over the lipstick it creates a very bright, intense shade. This is a deeper pink than either of the products on their own. I like the added shine and bolder color when the two are layered but it feels a little heavy on the lips. The gloss is so thick and although these two products last a long time when worn like this, I am very aware of how much product I have on my lips. I love the look of the gloss over the lipstick but I prefer lip products that feel a lot lighter so I will probably reserve this for special occasions.

I’m really happy I picked up this 250 point perk. I don’t love the feel of the lipgloss and I have a similar lipstick that I prefer over this one but I still like having these. The color is so nice and I love how Bellini leans slightly warmer than most bright pinks. I will still get plenty of use out of these products and the button mirror is really cute. This 250 point perk of Bite Bellini is currently available at Sephora stores and online here.


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