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Sweaty Betty Knockout Avesha Yoga TankOne of the brands I was introduced to in my Rakuten Affiliate Network Bonus Box was Sweaty Betty. I absolutely love their Avesha Yoga Tank so I was thrilled when they asked me to join their Be BRAve In Your Bra campaign and talk about how I work out in their new sports bras. In addition to their high-quality workout clothes, I love the vision behind Sweaty Betty- their whole idea is to inspire women to be healthy and happy by exercising and leading active lives. You can definitely tell the whole Sweaty Betty team is passionate about what they do and I love how they also talk about moderation- you can live a healthy lifestyle and still eat dessert every now and then! I also like how straightforward they are about their clothes. Yes, every piece is designed to perform well no matter what your exercise of choice is but it’s also designed to be cute and make you look good! It’s refreshing to see a company be so honest about what they do and I have to admit I’m happy they design their clothes with those thoughts in mind, for me half the fun of exercising (ok maybe 80% of the fun) is wearing cute workout clothes! I received two different sports bras to try out for the campaign: the Resistance Workout Bra in Verde and the Upbeat Padded Workout Bra in Black. I tried out both during my normal workout routine.

Sweaty Betty Sports BrasI have to admit, I’m terrible at exercising! I will get so into it and work out every day for a while and then I’ll give up and quit for six months. It’s definitely something I’m trying to get better at. What seems to work best is finding a workout that I actually like. I hate going to the gym, running, and doing lots of intense cardio (I know HIIT is the best but it makes me feel awful). Instead, I stick to things like pilates and dance, which are just way more fun for me (and they’re still really intense)! I love Blogilates– I think Cassey is such a goofball and her random stories during the middle of a workout definitely do a great job of distracting me from how tough it is! I try to stick to her monthly workout calendars but if I’m starting to feel burnt out I will skip around and just pick a few different videos to do a couple of days a week. Honestly, I think what motivates me the most is printing out her workout calendars and checking off each video/exercise as I do them. I get a lot of satisfaction from checking that box and I like seeing how many videos I did that week or month. Plus if I skip a few days I can tell how many workouts I missed and that makes me get back into it!

Sweaty Betty Resistance Workout BraThe Resistance Workout Bra is an unpadded compression bra. It’s designed to fit a lot tighter than most sports bras to really hold everything in place during an intense workout. Despite the super snug fit (it was several inches smaller than the Upbeat Padded Workout Bra- you might consider sizing up in this style) it is pretty comfortable. The material is thin and stretches well so it was perfect for pilates. It’s also moisture-wicking and nice and breathable. I love the soft mint shade (I received the color Verde) and the light pattern keeps this sports bra from being too plain. The Resistance Workout Bra offers a lot of coverage but not a lot of support aside from the compression aspect so I would choose a different style if you have a bigger bust.

Sweaty Betty Upbeat Padded Workout BraThe Upbeat Padded Workout Bra has more of a normal sports bra fit. It contains removable memory foam pads and has a more stylish look. I really like this sports bra, I think it’s so cute! I like the cutout v shape in the front and the fun pattern. I also like the neon peach crisscross back and the fact that you can adjust the sizing a bit, that makes it a lot more comfortable to wear. This bra also has some compression but it doesn’t feel nearly as tight as the Resistance Workout Bra. This bra fits comfortably and looks really nice.

Sweaty Betty Workout Bra BacksI really liked both of the workout bras and I’m still impressed by how nice the quality is. The Resistance Workout Bra is tighter than I’m used to but it was very comfortable and moved well with me as I worked out. I love the Verde color, it’s perfect for spring! The Upbeat Padded Workout Bra is super cute. I love the pattern and the orange straps and it was really comfortable to wear. I’m so happy I learned about Sweaty Betty. I love their positive message and their clothes are so nice and comfortable. They definitely fit into my “cute workout clothes” wardrobe and I can tell they will hold up really well over time.

Have you ever tried anything from Sweaty Betty?


I received these items from Sweaty Betty in exchange for my honest review. This post contains some affiliate links.

17 thoughts on “Be BRAve with Sweaty Betty

    • Molly says:

      They have some really nice products and while the prices are a little higher, the quality is so good! Their stuff will definitely last a long time!

  1. KatyRose says:

    I have to say I used to not care at all about what I wore to workout. But more and more I like to at least look feminine and wear things that are functional and feminine. – Katy

  2. Aubrey says:

    I’m in need of new sports bras; this brand looks like something I may need to checkout. Cassey from Blogilates really is the best. I love that she just acts like a normal gal.

    • Molly says:

      Yes! She is so fun, I love when she goes off on her little tangents during videos, it really keeps me distracted from how tough the moves are!

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