Chocolate Chip Surprise Cookies

Chocolate Chip Surprise Cookies ingredientsHmmm… what could I be baking today? I saw this recipe on Bakerella a while ago and I immediately knew I wanted to make it. Chocolate chip cookies? Stuffed with Oreos? I like chocolate chip cookies. And Oreos. These Chocolate Chip Surprise Cookies seemed right up my alley. {Pro-tip: The recipe called for Double-Stuf Oreos, but I only buy the Reduced Fat ones. Am I concerned with the fat content in my overly-processed, not-very-good-for-you cookies? Haha. I actually like to put peanut butter on my Oreos and the regular ones crumble too easily. For some reason, the Reduced Fat Oreos hold up better. Plus, I don’t like all of the filling in Double Stuf Oreos- I prefer to taste more of the cookie. You can use whatever flavor you want.}

Making Chocolate Chip Surprise CookiesThe recipe is pretty simple: make some chocolate chip cookie dough, place a large scoopful on either side of an Oreo, squish it together so it surrounds the Oreo. Bake. Eat.

Making Chocolate Chip Surprise CookiesI followed the recipe and made homemade cookie dough (which was really simple and tasted great), but if you are crunched for time it would be really easy to make these using store-bought dough. My Chocolate Chip Surprise Cookies were a little smaller than Bakerella’s because I wanted more Oreo in every bite. Make sure you really seal the dough around the cookie- you do not want much of a seam line or it will be noticeable once the cookies are baked.

Chocolate Chip Surprise CookiesThese Chocolate Chip Surprise Cookies were pretty simple to make and they are sooo gooood. The chocolate chip cookie exterior is sweet but not too sweet with a light and fluffy texture. The Oreo inside adds a sweeter, richer flavor. I was expecting the Oreo in the middle to be crunchy but it actually blended in with the chocolate chip cookie. These were larger than an average cookie, so one or two is enough of a treat for me.

Chocolate Chip Surprise CookiesLook at that Oreo/ chocolate chip cookie goodness! These were pretty rich the way I made them, I can only imagine if you were to use Double Stuf Oreos. They might be too sweet for me, and I love sweets. I was really happy with the way these turned out and they are perfect for gifts around the holidays! I used the exact recipe that Bakerella used, except I swapped the Reduced Fat Oreos I had on hand for the Double Stuf Oreos in the recipe.

What are your favorite cookies to bake?



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