Christopher Kane for NARS Blush in Starscape

christopher_kane_nars_starscapeWhen NARS teamed up with designer Christopher Kane to create a limited edition line of products, I was so excited to check them out. I tend to really like NARS’ limited edition lines and summer collections always include plenty of fun, bright colors. I’ve written before about how much I like NARS products and it’s no secret that I love pinks, especially bright ones. I liked quite a few of the products in this collection but when I spotted this Christopher Kane for NARS blush in Starscape, a neon pink, I had to have it.

christopher_kane_nars_starscape3The collection uses NARS’ signature matte black packaging but adds a fun pink twist to it. I think the packaging is really cute and it will be so easy to distinguish this blush from the other NARS blushes in my makeup drawer.

christopher_kane_nars_starscape1Starscape is such a fun neon pink. It’s very bright and I like that it’s warmer than most bright pink blushes. I think the warmer color makes it easier to wear and I love how well it pairs with bright pink lipsticks.

christopher_kane_nars_starscape2Even though Starscape is such a bright shade, it’s also a sheer formula so it’s not as intense on the cheeks as it is in the pan. This is designed to be worn by itself or layered with other blushes to create custom colors.

christopher_kane_nars_starscape4I was expecting the blush to be more intense on but since it’s a sheer blush it gives a nice soft glow. I still use a light hand because it’s easy to go overboard with this color. This doesn’t blend as well as other NARS blushes and it’s not as powdery but it still goes on well and lasts all day. Starscape is such a pretty color that is perfect for summer. It is fun and the warm neon finish makes it different than other bright pink blushes. This is definitely a unique blush color and I’m so glad I purchased it. Now I’m eyeing the other products in this collection. The Christopher Kane for NARS blush in Starscape is $30 here.


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