Decorating Snapshots

pink_garlandLately I’ve been doing a little decorating around our apartment. Since we’re renting, I can’t do anything permanent like paint the walls and I don’t want to invest in too many large pieces that we’ll have to move later. However, I was sick of feeling like we were still in college or just living here temporarily so I decided to make some small changes and spruce things up a little bit. We have a lot of pictures around the apartment but there was a big empty space above our cabinets. I added a pink felt garland that I picked up from Target. It filled the space nicely and added a much-needed pop of color.

miranda_kerr_closet_picI had recently gone through all of my magazines and this picture of Miranda Kerr from Harper’s Bazaar really stood out to me. I thought it was fun and really cute and I loved all of the red. I put it in a metallic gold frame and hung it in my closet as a source of inspiration for summer dressing.

west_elm_gold_trayI’ve also been looking for ways to organize. Since we live in a small apartment, everything tends to end up everywhere. It’s hard to keep things super organized and in the right spots when we just don’t have that much space. I love to light candles and I keep them all in one area on the counter, but they tend to migrate over time. I picked up this gold tray from West Elm as a way to keep them all in one spot.

west_elm_gold_tray1I love the look of the tray but I love its usefulness even more. It really does help keep everything in place but it’s also really nice if I need counterspace. It’s much easier for me to move the whole tray at once than to move everything individually (which sounds really silly and obvious but it’s so convenient).

blankets_and_soap_dispenserI also managed to pick up a couple of cashmere throws for a really inexpensive price from Gilt. They feel so soft and luxurious and I wish I had grabbed a few more. They may not be the most practical throws to have around the house because they need to be dry-cleaned, but they are nice and warm and I love how they look. I also (finally!) replaced the soap dispenser in our bathroom. When we first moved in I just bought the cheapest one I could find. It worked but it also leaked soap all over the place. It’s something that bothered me quite a bit so I finally broke down and bought a more expensive but much nicer soap dispenser, also from Gilt.

mirror_beforeFollowing the gold theme I now have going on, I also repainted my mirror. Our last place didn’t have much in the way of decorations, so whenever I bought something new I went for color. This bright green door mirror was a lot of fun but it didn’t quite fit with our current decor.

mirror_afterI covered the mirror with foil and tape and spray painted it a metallic gold. Unfortunately, I knocked it off the wall a few days later and managed to break it. I ended up replacing it with another basic mirror that I also spray painted gold.

flowersLastly, I’ve been trying to keep lots of fresh flowers around the house. G and I both work long hours so several days can pass without us even opening the blinds. To keep the apartment feeling fresh, I let lots of light in on my days off and I like to have something colorful and (kind of) living around. These dyed flowers were my recent favorites. I loved how they turned the vase water bright purple!

What are some simple things you do to freshen up and redecorate your space?


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