DIY Bright Midi Skirt

diy_midi_skirt1Something about spring is so inspiring to me. I love warm weather, and even though Phoenix doesn’t get too cold (for the most part), I’m always so happy when spring arrives. Longer days, fresh air, bare legs… what could be better? As much as I love a black and gray palette for my outfits, spring calls for a little more color. While pastels are pretty, I prefer going all out and jumping into bright summer colors right away. What else am I going to wear with a bright coral lipstick?

diy_midi_skirtWhen I first spotted this fabric, I knew it was going home with me. It’s so loud and bright that I couldn’t resist. I knew a dress in this fabric would be a little much, but I thought it would be perfect as a spring skirt paired with a neutral top. I found a super easy tutorial for a midi skirt from Merrick’s Art and took a couple of shortcuts to make it even easier.

midi_skirt_patternWhile Merrick’s tutorial is super quick and easy, I wanted to make it even easier with fewer pieces to sew together (my way only consists of one rectangle of fabric). Basically, I took my waist measurement and multiplied it by 1.5, then added another inch or so for seam allowance. Next, I measured from my waist to my knees. I added an extra inch for the hem and about an extra 3-3.5 inches for the waistband.

diy_midi_skirt2I started by sewing the skirt together (along the waist to knee measurement line). For the waistband, I measured a piece of elastic to fit my waist and sewed the edges together. Then I folded about 2 in of the top of the skirt down and pressed it (this creates your waistband and gives some extra room to sew in the elastic). You can sew in the elastic like that, but I also folded another 1/2 in of fabric under the fold to create a finished seam.

diy_midi_skirt3Sewing in the elastic was a bit of a slow process. Since I had a loop of elastic and was trying to create a clean seam on the waistband, I had to be careful not to catch the elastic as I was sewing. I’m really happy I sewed the waistband this way though, it created a more finished look.

diy_midi_skirt5You can see that instead of having a separate waistband and trying to sew the elastic and finish the seam at the end, I just had one piece of fabric that I folded under and tucked the elastic into to create the waistband. Much easier, cleaner, and less bulky!

diy_midi_skirt4Last step was to finish the hem (I also folded the edges under to prevent fraying). I pressed all of the seams and edges as I went and really took my time with this skirt and it still only took a little over an hour to make. Simple and quick, and nice and bright for spring! This skirt was so easy to make that I can’t wait to make more in different fabrics and lengths.


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  2. J L Rogers says:

    Yay! Great job…I read the original project this seems more user friendly. Please let us know your dress size And how many yards of fabric needed for each project.

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