DIY Gold Dot Glasses

diy_gold_dot_glasses11I’ve been lusting after these Kate Spade Pearl Place Crystal Highball Glasses but the price and the fact that they need to be hand washed has kept me from purchasing them (even the plastic version is still more than I want to spend, and they have to be washed by hand too). It’s not that I’m against owning pieces that need to be hand washed, but it’s just so much more convenient to throw everything in the dishwasher. I was trying to talk myself into finally just buying them when I decided to see if I could make a diy version instead.

diy_gold_dot_glasses2I found this glass paint from Martha Stewart Crafts and not only does it come in plenty of fun colors, but it is also dishwasher safe! I originally wanted a yellow gold paint to mimic the Kate Spade glasses but the rose gold was so pretty that I decided to use it as well. I ended up with the Gold (Yellow Gold was a little too yellow) and Rose Gold shades of the Metallic Opaque Glass Paint.

diy_gold_dot_glasses1I wanted a pair of matching highball glasses and since I wanted to use both paint colors I also picked up a stemless wine glass to paint. I opted for clear glass pieces but I think the dots would also look cute over white or black. I cleaned the glasses and wiped them down with rubbing alcohol to help the paint adhere better.

diy_gold_dot_glasses3I had a really hard time finding a circle stencil that was the right size and shape I wanted. I ended up purchasing these foam adhesive circles and peeling the paper off to use as a stencil.

diy_gold_dot_glasses4I taped my stencil to each glass (forewarning- this is much more difficult on glasses with more obvious curves). Be sure to leave enough space at the top so you can drink out of these glasses without touching the paint. I wanted my dots to be opaque but not too sloppy so I used two to three thin coats of paint for each glass, waiting for each layer to dry in between coats.

diy_gold_dot_glasses5I skipped every other circle in my stencil for a spaced out look, but the nice thing about this project is how many possibilities there are! You can space out your dots as much as you want and you can make them as large or small as you would like. You can mix colors (how fun would a multi-colored neon glass be?) or use different shapes. You can even freehand the dots if you prefer.

diy_gold_dot_glasses10After everything was dry, I cured my glasses so they would be dishwasher safe using the instructions here. You can simply let the glasses dry for 21 days but I opted to speed up the process and cured them in the oven. I set them on a baking sheet and put it in the oven (start with a cool oven!). I then heated them up to 350 degrees and baked them for 30 minutes. Then I turned the oven off and let the glasses cool while still inside. Pretty simple and now I can throw them in the dishwasher instead of washing them by hand every time.

diy_gold_dot_glasses12It’s hard to capture just how cute these glasses are. I ended up using the rose gold paint for my highball glasses. I am really happy with the way they turned out and I love using them. These would be really fun for a party and they’re also nice just to look at!

diy_gold_dot_glasses13I used the gold paint on the stemless wine glass. I had a hard time finding a toothbrush holder to match my new soap dispenser that could also be washed in the dishwasher. This gold matches it perfectly so now this glass holds our toothbrushes. Our counter looks so cheery now! These diy gold dot glasses involved a little bit of skill (mostly with lining up the stencil and applying the paint in thin, even strokes) but they were still fairly easy to make. I paid about $12 for everything (much less than the Kate Spade version) and I barely used any paint. Now I’m thinking up new glass pieces to paint. Maybe a vase or ice bucket?


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