DIY Lip Palette Feat. Urban Decay’s Revolution Lipstick Samples

DIY Lip PaletteEver wonder what to do with those little lipstick sample pods? They’re so hard to use and end up making a mess over everything, but I’ve accumulated so many that I wanted to find an easy way to try them. Last year I acquired quite a few samples of Urban Decay’s Revolution Lipsticks and I found a tutorial for how to make a DIY lip palette out of them. It took a little trial and error, but I found a way to easily make a palette and put those samples to good use, once and for all.

DIY Lip PaletteFirst, you’ll need some supplies. I bought an empty makeup palette from here, but any empty palette about that size will work. I chose that one because it was a decent size and came with pans already, plus they were magnetic so they wouldn’t fall out. You’ll also need lipstick samples (4-5 of the Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick samples will fill each pan), toothpicks or plastic spatulas for getting the lipstick into the pans, stickers (optional) to label the colors, paper towels, and a candle warmer. I’ve seen people melt the lipstick in different ways (including using a spoon and an open flame), but I think candle warmers are the easiest and safest way to do it.

DIY Lip PaletteI picked up a few sample cards for Urban Decay’s Revolution Lipstick from Sephora using the VIBLIP promo code that I posted about here. You need to make a $35 purchase to get the promo online, but they are also available in stores and I’ve found they are a little more lax about the minimum in store. I was excited about these samples because they are different colors than the sample cards from last year (this year features 69, Rush, Streak, and Liar, while the previous samples were Naked, Obsessed, Anarchy, and F-Bomb). I love these lipsticks, so I was happy to try some different shades.

DIY Lip PaletteThe first thing you will want to do for your DIY lip palette is wipe all of the pans down with alcohol, and then let them dry. Next, you want to label the bottom of each pan with the color you are going to put in it. This step is optional, but I think it’s an easy way to keep track of the different shades.

DIY Lip PaletteNext, you want to scoop each sample into the pans. I think it’s better to put the samples into the freezer for a bit, that way you can easily pop them out of the plastic. I use toothpicks to scoop the remaining lipstick out of the plastic, but small beauty spatulas would work too. I used four samples for each pan, and did one color at a time before moving on to the next one.

DIY Lip PalettePlace a paper towel over the candle warmer and then put the pan with the lipstick on top of it. The pans will get pretty hot, so be careful touching them!

DIY Lip PaletteWait until the lipstick has fully melted (usually about a minute or so) and then carefully lift the paper towel with the pan off the candle warmer and set it down. If you aren’t careful enough, the pan may slide off the paper towel and make a mess everywhere. Pro tip- Goo Gone gets lipstick out of carpets (even red lipstick out of tan carpet), but it takes a little work. Take my advice and be careful here.

DIY Lip Palette

Sorry for the blurriness, it’s hard to drop a hot pan and take a picture at the same time.

Let the pan cool off for a few seconds and then lift it about 1/2 inch off the counter and drop it a few times. You want any bubbles in the lipstick to rise to the surface. This needs to be done while the lipstick is still melted, but be careful, the pan will be hot. You should do this on the paper towel in case you make a mess.

palette 10 copyIf you notice the lipstick pigments seem to be separating while it’s melting, stir it with a toothpick and it will mix back together.

palette 11 copy

69, Rush, Streak, and Liar samples in their pans.

Let each pan cool completely before placing them in your DIY lip palette.

DIY Lip Palette

Liar, Rush, Streak, 69, Naked, Obsessed, Anarchy, F-Bomb

Et voila! Now you have a brand new DIY lip palette and can actually use those lipstick samples you’ve been hoarding! This is also a nice way to mix your own colors or take your favorites with you on the go.

What’s your favorite way to use makeup samples?


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