D’OR 24K Facial Peel and Multi-Vitamin Recovery Day Cream

D’OR 24K Facial Peel and Multi-Vitamin Recovery Day Cream

Does your skincare make you feel fancy?

I am definitely addicted to fancy beauty products. I like to be spoiled and pampered, especially when it comes to skincare, so if you tell me a product has a luxurious ingredient in it, I can’t wait to try it. D’OR 24K is a high-end skincare brand that uses real 24 karat gold in their products which not only makes me anxious to try them out, but it also does some really great things for your skin. Gold is an anti-inflammatory antioxidant that helps with circulation and reduces wrinkles and fine lines. When combined with other great ingredients, it makes your skin look fresher and younger. I recently got the chance to try the D’OR 24K Facial Peel and Multi-Vitamin Recovery Day Cream. Would they live up to my expectations?

D'OR 24K Facial Peel Multi-Vitamin RecoveryThe D’OR 24K Multi-Vitamin Recovery Facial Peel is a peeling mask designed to exfoliate skin and give you a mini facial twice a week. The D’OR 24K Facial Peel uses Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA), 24 karat gold, and green tea to slough away dead skin cells and boost collagen production, leaving skin feeling smooth and radiant. This mask is a bit on the pricey side because D’OR 24K is an ultra-premium brand and it contains real 24K gold. You can definitely tell that their products are super luxurious though- each frosted glass jar has a nice weight to it and includes a thick plastic spatula to hygienically get product out of the jar without sticking your fingers into it. With the Facial Peel, you can see all of the 24 karat gold leaf pieces in it, which makes it really fun to apply.

D'OR 24K Multi- Vitamin Facial PeelMasks are my favorite skincare products and I especially love ones that exfoliate but sometimes they can be too harsh for my sensitive skin. This peel was really nice to use though and I definitely noticed a big difference between it and the less expensive masks I’ve tried. Most facial peels feel like rubbing tacky glue onto my face until it beads up and falls off. Using this one is a much nicer experience. This mask is pretty thick and fairly sticky at the beginning but as I massage it into my face it becomes a little more watery and manageable. It slowly starts to bead up without irritating my skin and is really easy to wash off. I can see a huge change in my skin after using the D’OR 24K Facial Peel. My skin immediately looks smoother and more plump and it feels crazy soft. I love using this mask now, it makes my skin look amazing and the more I use it, the better my skin looks.

D'OR 24K Multi-Vitamin Recovery Day CreamThe D’OR 24K Multi-Vitamin Recovery Day Cream is a moisturizer that can be used in the morning or evening and it’s perfect for after using the Facial Peel. This cream uses 24 karat gold to boost collagen production along with green tea to reduce inflammation and protect against sun damage and jojoba oil to improve elasticity. Over time, this moisturizer will help minimize wrinkles and slow the aging process.

D'OR 24K Multi-Vitamin Day CreamThe D’OR 24K Multi-Vitamin Recovery Day Cream is really nice to use as well. It comes in the same heavy glass bottle as the Facial Peel and it just looks really fancy sitting on my bathroom counter. This moisturizer is really thick and feels extremely luxurious and it feels so nice when applied after the Facial Peel. Despite being a thick cream, it absorbs quickly and isn’t greasy. I think this moisturizer would work well for all skin types.

D'OR 24K Prestige Multi-Vitamin Recovery Facial Peel and Day CreamThe D’OR 24K Multi-Vitamin Recovery Facial Peel and Day Cream definitely make me feel fancy when I’m using them. I love seeing all of the specks of gold leaf in the Facial Peel and it makes my skin look so much younger and fresher and feel super soft after every use. For such an effective exfoliating mask, it doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin so I’m able to use it a couple of times a week without any issues. The Day Cream feels nice and thick but absorbs quickly and doesn’t leave my skin feeling greasy, plus it’s packed with ingredients that help my skin look better and better over time. Sure, these products are an investment but I think they are well-worth it.

Do you like fancy skincare products?


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5 thoughts on “D’OR 24K Facial Peel and Multi-Vitamin Recovery Day Cream

      • Wendy says:

        I have these products they’re good makes my skin radiant and clean. I would recommend to everyone great skin care on the expensive side but worth it. Buying it from 2016

        • Rashi Rastogi says:

          Hi, does this brand even is authentic?? There seem to be so much hidden about them that I’m skeptical. Have jar of 24 hour cream and eye cream but not sure if it’s a right decision :( someone please please validate

  1. Lisa says:

    Hi Molly,
    I agree with you, “I like to be spoiled and pampered, especially when it comes to skincare.” It is always a great feeling to get a new product and try it for the first time. You know product with Alpha Hydroxy Acid will work well and getting rid of those dead skin cells. I haven’t tried D’OR 24K Facial Peel yet, but it sure does sound tempting.

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