Dresser Redo and a DIY Glitter Tray

my dresser before

my dresser before

Since we live in an apartment, there’s not a lot of storage space. Things tend to pile up everywhere if we’re not careful, and one of the worst offenders has always been our dresser. Admittedly, the mess is all mine (G uses one of the drawers but considers the rest of it my territory) so it was up to me to figure out what to do. My biggest problem was a lack of organization. It’s too easy to let magazines and paperwork pile up and as much as I try to keep all of my fancy jewelry in their respective boxes, the pieces I wear everyday usually get dropped on the dresser at the end of the night.

dresser_redo1The mess even extends to one of the top drawers, where I keep more jewelry tucked away. These are the pieces I don’t wear as often, something that is mostly due to the fact that it’s not easy to find what I’m looking for. Empty jewelry boxes are also prevalent here. I like to keep the containers my jewelry comes in but what’s the point if I don’t use them?

diy_glitter_traySince organization was my biggest issue, I looked at different ways to corral everything I wanted to keep out. I found this tutorial for a diy glitter tray and thought that would be the perfect way to organize odds and ends. I purchased this white lacquer tray from West Elm and found twine here and 3/8″ glitter tape here (the perfect size for the tray edges). I went with silver but there are plenty of colors to choose from.

diy_glitter_tray1The glitter tape was super easy to work with and it fit the edges of the tray perfectly. In fact, I liked it so much that I started imagining trays with glitter edges in every color of the rainbow.

diy_glitter_tray2I considered stopping with just the glitter tape but I already had the twine so I thought I might as well see what the tray looked like with it on the handles.

diy_glitter_tray3I like how the twine adds just a little extra texture to the tray and stops it from looking too perfect.

dresser_redo2Once the dresser was cleared off, I wanted to add something fun to the top before I put anything else on it. I picked up this gray and white contact paper from Target and it was the perfect size to act as a runner for the dresser. I just slid it between the dresser and the glass top and I was good to go! Plus, if I want to mix it up later it will be super easy to change.

dresser_redo3In addition to my diy glitter tray, I had an old metallic green one that I’d been using to store my sunglasses. It was the perfect size but I was ready for an updated color so I spray painted it metallic gold (the same gold I used here for my mirror). I also kept my jewelry box and our clock.

dresser_redo4I love how the trays look with the fun chevron print underneath.


my dresser after

After my dresser redo, it looked a lot more organized and clean. Everything now has a specific spot which makes it a lot easier to maintain. Magazines and papers can’t pile up because I no longer have room for them. I put away the jewelry I don’t wear daily and left out the pieces I do so they are easy to grab in the morning and put away at night.

dresser_redo11When it came to my dresser drawer, I threw away all of the empty jewelry boxes and pouches. A lot of the pieces ended up in my jewelry box and the rest are organized so they are easy to find when I want to wear them. Special occasion pieces and items I don’t wear regularly (like headbands) are in the back of the drawer.

dresser_redo6I’m using the jewelry trays I made here to hold the stacking rings I wear on a regular basis. I even organized them on the trays according to how I wear them. Since I usually wear the same few rings together each time, they are on the same tray so I can grab them without thinking. And, it’s easier for me to put them back in the right spot at the end of the night.

dresser_redo8The glitter tray now holds my perfumes and a few miscellaneous objects. Before, I was constantly knocking bottles over and grabbing a different perfume because I couldn’t find the one I was looking for. Now, each one has its own place and they are spaced out so they are easy to grab without spilling.

dresser_redo7My sunglasses are also in their perfectly-sized newly-gold tray. I typically wear the same pair most of the time, but now it’s easy to grab others without having to move a bunch of other things out of the way.

dresser_redo9Typically, I will organize areas of my home and then everything ends up going back to the way it was. I’ve been really happy with my dresser redo because that hasn’t been the case. Since everything has its own specific place and the organization makes sense, it’s been really easy for me to stick with it and keep everything clean.

dresser_redo10Plus, I love how everything looks. I love the chevron print on the top of the dresser and the glitter and gold trays are nice neutrals that still add some sparkle. I love how the jewelry trays are a really cute way to showcase the pieces I wear all the time and I love having all of my colorful perfume bottles on display. This was a pretty simple update to the apartment but it has made such a big difference in how I feel about it (and G loves that the dresser is no longer a disaster zone). My dresser redo was an easy and inexpensive way to improve the look of our space without investing in pieces we might not want when we move.

What’s your favorite “easy update” to your space?


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