Evian Facial Spray + A Giveaway!

Evian Facial SprayWhen I think of Evian Facial Spray, I imagine models on a tropical beach lightly misting their faces while a breeze gently blows their hair around. It seems so fancy- natural spring water is bottled at the source in the French Alps. It’s tested 300 times a day to ensure it’s purity and that it has a neutral pH of 7.2 to properly hydrate and refresh skin. It uses a unique fine micro-droplet mist to dispense the spray. The Evian Facial Spray is hypoallergenic and is perfect for adding hydration or refreshing makeup throughout the day.

Evian Facial SprayIn reality, it feels pretty fancy to use, although it didn’t come with a soft ocean breeze like I was expecting. The mist is super fine so it hydrates really well but dries within a few seconds and doesn’t leave your makeup a mess. In fact, I really like it as a setting spray or as a refreshing makeup spray. I like a slight dewy, not cakey or dry look and this is perfect to use with thicker or drier foundations. A quick spray leaves my makeup looking fresh and perfect. The Evian Facial Spray is also just fun to use and I love spraying it on my face throughout the day.

Evian Facial Spray Travel SizeThe Evian Facial Spray also comes in a smaller size that’s perfect for travel. The 1.7 oz bottle is TSA approved and it’s leak proof so you don’t have to worry about throwing it in your bag. I really like traveling with this spray. Airplanes can make my skin feel super dry and parched but a quick spray of this makes my face feel so much better. I travel quite a bit so I love having this smaller size to take with me. Plus, it’s super refreshing and it does seem to calm my skin down. You can pick up your own Evian Facial Spray here– the 5 oz is $12.50 and the travel size is $7.50, plus they even have a larger 10 oz bottle if you just can’t get enough!

Two lucky people can win this awesome beauty bag from Evian which includes two bottles of the Evian Facial Spray as well as a Clarisonic Mia 2! I love how the Evian Facial Spray feels on my face and I really love my Clarisonic so I can’t wait to see who wins! Good luck!


I received these items for free in exchange for my honest review.

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