Exuviance Age Reverse Total Correct + Sculpt Serum

Exuviance Age Reverse Total Correct and Sculpt SerumI love trying new skincare products. I don’t know why (especially since my skin can be sensitive so it’s always risky trying new products) but I love mixing up my routine. I just can’t help it- every new product I hear of sounds amazing. The benefits are always great and I especially love trying “fancy” ingredients and seeing if they make a difference in how my skin looks. Plus, using skincare products is so relaxing to me. I love feeling like I’m pampering my skin and taking care of it at the same time. I recently got to try the Exuviance Age Reverse Total Correct + Sculpt Serum and I couldn’t wait to see if it lived up to its promises of transforming skin and making it look younger.

Exuviance Total Correct and Sculpt SerumExuviance products are developed by dermatologists. They focus on using alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) to rejuvenate and treat aging skin. The Exuviance Total Correct + Sculpt Serum is part of their Age Reverse line, which focuses on anti-aging and age-reversing products. I’m not really to the point where I need to reverse damage on my skin, but I have started using anti-aging products- I’ve got to keep a baby face for as long as I can!

The Exuviance Age Reverse Total Correct + Sculpt Serum is designed to smooth skin’s texture and visibly reduce wrinkles. It contains Triple Anti-Aging Complex Aminofil®, NeoGlucosamine, and Vitamin C to combat major signs of aging like age spots, uneven texture, and sagging skin. Aminofil works on skin’s collagen to plump and smooth skin while NeoGlucosamine exfoliates skin to help reduce wrinkles. Vitamin C brightens skin and creates a more even tone while diminishing dark spots.

This serum also lightly moisturizes and illuminates skin as well- definitely an added bonus in my book. It also promises to make skin feel velvety smooth and in about four weeks skin should look a lot firmer. At twelve weeks wrinkles should be greatly diminished.

Exuviance Age Reverse Total Correct + Sculpt SerumI love any products that brighten skin and who doesn’t want to look younger? Plus, I love serums because they are so easy to fit into my skincare routine. I can use my favorite cleanser and moisturizer but switch up my serum when I want a different skincare benefit. That’s a big reason why I wanted to try this serum- I was anxious to see the results but still wanted to stick with what I know works for my skin.

This serum felt really nice on my face. I could definitely tell it moisturized my face a bit and my skin did look more illuminated every time I put it on. I didn’t notice any drastic changes right away (of course I wasn’t expecting any but one can only hope) but slowly my skin started looking better and better the more I used it.

The Exuviance Age Reverse Total Correct + Sculpt Serum has definitely made a difference in my skin. It looks plumper and more hydrated and as a result it does look younger. I love the subtle brightening from the Vitamin C and my skin does look more evenly toned. My skin looks and feels firmer and it feels smoother and softer as well. I can’t speak too much about the effect this serum would have on wrinkles but I do like how it makes my skin look.


Thanks to Exuviance for providing the product for this post!

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