Foodaholic Blueberry Natural Essence Mask

tester_korea_haul1A couple of weeks ago, I posted about my Tester Korea haul. Tester Korea is a great resource for Korean skincare and beauty at a great price. Since shipping is based on weight, it’s best to place larger orders instead of a bunch of smaller ones. That’s exactly what I did and I’ve been having so much fun going through the products. I purchased quite a few sheet masks and one of the ones I’ve tried is Foodaholic’s Blueberry Natural Essence Mask.

foodaholic_blueberryI’m a sucker for berry products, and blueberries are no exception. I love to eat them, they are full of antioxidants, and they are great for you… why wouldn’t I want to use them on my face? Part of the fun with Korean skincare is the cute packaging, and this mask definitely has that. The Foodaholic Blueberry Natural Essence Mask is a sheet mask designed to tighten and moisturize skin, all in only about 15 minutes. Did it follow through on its promise?

foodaholic_blueberry1This sheet mask was a little drier than others I’ve tried. It still stuck to my face pretty well but there wasn’t any extra essence in the packaging (I like a little extra to rub onto my neck and hands). This mask had a shape that didn’t fit my face very well- overall, it was a good size but the nose cutout was very big and the eyes were really small. The strangest part? It had a seam running down the middle of the mask, from my forehead to chin. It was hard to pull apart without ripping and just didn’t fit my face like I would have liked. The Foodaholic Blueberry Mask also had an unpleasant smell, not very fresh and blueberry-like. It did feel moisturizing but I wouldn’t order this again. There are so many other options with better fits, smells, and results.


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