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formula_x_clix1A few weeks ago, Formula X sent a bunch of Sephora Beauty Insiders a free gift. I was one of the lucky ones to receive the gift, the Formula X Clix! The System To Go. I’ve tried some of Formula X’s polishes before (see my reviews here and here) and I had good results so I was happy to receive this kit. The color included was random but luckily I received the set I wanted, which contained the peach-pink polish Alive.

formula_x_clix2The Clix! system is a fun set containing minis of Formula X’s nail cleanser, base coat, nail color, and top coat. It is designed for travel or painting nails on the go. This little set has everything you need for a mani, no matter where you are.

formula_x_clix4The four products “click” into a plastic holder which keeps them all together and makes everything easy to find, even in a big makeup bag. This is a fun setup and a great way to make polish travel-friendly. I’ve found that my Julep polish minis click into this as well, so you can even mix and match which polishes you bring with you.

formula_x_clix3The products are all mini sizes, which makes this set a great way to try what Formula X has to offer. Next to a full size polish, they look really tiny but they’re only about 1/4 the size.

formula_x_clix7This set was such a great gift to receive and I had fun using it. The Cleanse Nail Cleanser is a great way to remove excess oils from nails before you add the base coat. It helps polish adhere better and last longer. The Prime Base Coat helps prevent staining (especially great for yellow and green polishes) and protects the nail. It also gives the polish a good layer to stick to.

formula_x_clix10I’ve been really happy with Formula X’s Nail Colors in the past and Alive is no exception. It’s a great opaque creme that has perfect coverage after only two coats. It applies well without any streaking and the formula is perfect- not too thick or too thin. Alive is an absolutely gorgeous peachy pink. I liked this color even more than I thought I would. It’s a really pretty retro shade that is fun to wear.

formula_x_clix8The Shine Top Coat has a high-gloss finish and also dries really quickly. I loved that it kept its shine over several days, unlike a lot of shiny top coats that dull over time. The quick-dry formula prevented smudges so my mani stayed perfect.

formula_x_clix9I was really happy with this set. The Formula X Clix! system is fun to use and it really did contain everything I needed. This mani lasted quite a while without chipping thanks to the four-step process and the high-quality polish. I loved the color Alive and I’m so happy I got this gift. This is definitely going to be one of my staple polishes from now on. Formula X Clix! The System to Go is $16 here.


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