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Formula X The SystemI wanted to post about the Formula X The System XCEL because it has drastically changed my manicures and it’s on sale right now! I love this system and all of the Formula X polishes that I’ve tried but unfortunately Sephora is discontinuing their collaboration. The good news? Everything is on sale so it’s a great time to stock up on these wonderful products! I’ve posted about the Formula X The System before but today I’m reviewing the Formula X The System XCEL which seems about the same to me but is designed to give your polish a gel quality. I’m also going to talk about the Formula X Delete All nail polish remover, another product that has totally changed how I do my nails.

Formula X The System XCELI cannot tell you enough how much I love the Formula X The System. It’s a four step process that extends the life of my polish and leaves my nails shiny and smudge-free. Each The System set (whether you buy the Original or XCEL versions) contains three products that you pair with the Formula X nail polish of your choice. Each product has an extra wide brush that makes applying it super easy while the polishes have a thinner brush that is better for precision.

Step one is CLEANSE, a product that cleans oil from nails while conditioning them to keep nails healthy and help polish stick better. The instant-dry formula is easy to use and leaves nails ready for the next step.

Step two is PRIME, a special base coat containing keratin to make nails stronger and help color last longer. This also helps prevent your polish color from staining your nails.

Step three is color. The System seems to work best with Formula X polishes but I’ve also had good luck with other brands as well.

Step four is SHINE, a fast-drying topcoat that seals in color and adds a ton of shine to your mani. The XCEL version is designed to look plump like a gel topcoat but the regular version also makes my nails super shiny.

Formula X Delete All 5-Finger Nail Polish RemoverWhen I’m ready to switch my polish, I like to use Formula X’s Delete All 5-Finger Nail Polish Remover. It works so fast and removes everything, even glitter polishes, within a few seconds. The jar contains a sponge soaked in remover with five small holes in it. You dip each finger into the holes and almost immediately the polish is removed, it’s like magic!

I love The System so much. I used to paint my nails and hope I could sit still enough for them to dry without smudging them. Then a few days later they would chip and I’d try to make it to a week before I couldn’t stand it anymore and had to repaint them. With the Formula X The System, my mani dries fast and lasts between 10 days and 2 weeks! And even then, I’m only repainting them because my nails have grown too much and I have a big gap between my cuticles and polish. Seriously, this stuff is amazing and everyone who likes to paint their nails should have it. I’ve already grabbed a few for gifts and I’m contemplating getting a couple of backups for myself! It’s such a great deal and all of the Formula X polishes are $5 at Sephora right now, so stop into your local store and grab a few!

What’s your favorite nail polish?


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