Glitter for Days

Last year for Christmas, one of my friends made me a cute glitter wooden spoon as part of my gift. My  mom and Molly both thought it was cute so I thought I would make them some glitter spoons as well. It turned into a fun after Christmas craft project for me. I bought a couple of the three pack wooden spoons from Bed, Bath, and Beyond and pulled out some glitter and mod podge from the craft closet at my parents house.

diy glitter spoonsAfter gathering all of the supplies, I had Molly help me tape the spoons in order to get a straight line of glitter.

diy glitter spoons

Then, using a foam paintbrush, I painted a layer of mod podge onto the spoon and sprinkled liberally with glitter. I did this to each spoon and then let the spoons dry until they were dry to the touch.  I shook off any excess glitter and then added a second layer of mod podge and glitter to make the spoons extra sparkly and to make sure I didn’t miss any spots. After the spoons were fully dry I painted 2 more layers of mod podge on top of the last layer of glitter to seal in all the glitter. After they were fully dry, I removed the painters tape and voila my glitter spoons were finished!

glitter spoons

glitter spoons

The spoons turned out super cute and it seems like the mod podge will hold the glitter in pretty well (I would probably use the glossy mod podge next time to enhance the sparkle of the glitter). These spoons will need to be hand washed and the glitter definitely won’t last forever but it adds a fun touch to an ordinary wooden spoon!

– Stacie

P.S. I got glitter EVERYWHERE while making these spoons! Even after vacuuming and cleaning up everything there was still random glitter around which just added to the holiday spirit!

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