Graze Snack Box Review #3

Graze Snack BoxI’ve posted a couple of times before about Graze, a snack subscription box I get. I’m really picky when it comes to subscription boxes- I like surprises but at the same time I don’t want to be disappointed and feel like I should have spent my money elsewhere. That’s why I like Graze so much. I get to rate the snacks they offer and even “trash” ones that I don’t want to try (you can also trash snacks that don’t meet your dietary restrictions). It’s perfect for me. Every box is still a surprise but I know I’m not going to get a boxful of snacks I won’t eat. Each box includes four snacks. One of my recent boxes included Oven Roasted Salt & Vinegar Nut Selection, Toffee Apple, Scandinavian Forest, and Olive & Rosemary Bruschetta.

Graze Snack BoxOven Roasted Salt & Vinegar Nut Selection included salt and vinegar almonds and peanuts. I don’t like salt and vinegar chips, but G does so I thought this snack might be something he might like. Of course, when it arrived in my box he refused to try it. When I opened this snack, it smelled strongly of peanuts. It was very vinegar-y but not in a good way. This was a weird combination of flavors- the sweeter almonds didn’t quite fit in. I hated this and only made it through half the package before I threw it away.

Verdict: Trash

Graze Snack BoxToffee Apple included toffee sauce and soft apple pieces. This snack has since been replaced by Caramel Apple (the same thing with a different name). It had a very fresh apple smell to it. I’ve had soft apple pieces from Graze before and I really like them. They are just a little chewy with a nice texture. They are much better than the hard, crunchy dried apples you can get elsewhere. These apples were a little tart, like they were made with green apples. One piece wasn’t quite cut right and included part of the center of the apple (it was a little hard). The toffee was sweet but not too sweet with a nice viscosity. There was a good amount of toffee for the apple pieces.

Verdict: Love

Graze Snack BoxScandinavian Forest was a fruit mix containing lingonberries, blueberries, cherry raisins, and soft apple pieces. I like Graze’s fruit mixes because they include such a variety of fruits. The lingonberries were tart and very tiny. The blueberries were a nice mix of tart and sweet. The cherry raisins were very sweet. They didn’t have a noticeable cherry flavor and really just tasted like sweet raisins. I would have preferred actual cherries instead of cherry raisins. The soft apple pieces were soft and chewy with a nice texture. They were a little tart as well, like they were made from green apples. I really liked this mix. The apples were a nice balance to the smaller fruits and it was a good blend of tart and sweet flavors, although I wish it was slightly sweeter. There were a lot of raisins in this- I would have preferred more blueberries.

Verdict: Like (almost Love)

Graze Snack BoxOlive and Rosemary Bruschetta included olive croutons, rosemary and garlic cashews, and tomato baguettes. This smelled really good, kind of herb-y/tomato-y like pizza. I’m not much of an olive fan but I really liked the olive croutons. They were really crunchy with a light flavor. These had just a hint of olive flavor to them. The rosemary and garlic cashews were slightly garlicky with a softer texture. I never thought of myself as a cashew fan, but Graze is making me change my mind. The tomato baguettes had a great crunch to them and a slight tomato flavor. This was a good, savory snack. I liked the crunchiness and the mix of flavors. This was savory without being salty.

Verdict: Like

Graze Snack BoxOne thing I like about Graze is the flexibility with shipments. You can postpone boxes or add more whenever you want, and it’s so easy to do on their website. I actually skipped a few boxes around the holidays because I knew there would be plenty of snacks around the house. When I resumed my shipments, I received a box with Born in the USA, Graze’s Lightly Salted Popping Corn, Key Lime Pie, and Summer Berry Compote.

Graze Snack BoxBorn in the USA included pecans, cranberries, and almonds. This snack is no longer available. The pecans had a nice texture but I wish there were more in this snack. The cranberries were very tart and tangy. They were fresher and softer than normal dried cranberries (one thing I’ve noticed with Graze is that everything tastes much fresher). The cranberries added a nice flavor to this mix. The almonds had a nice, sweet almond taste. This mix wasn’t anything special but everything was very fresh and I liked the addition of cranberries. This was a good energy-boosting snack.

Verdict: Like

Graze Snack BoxGraze makes two kinds of Popping Corn: Twist of Black Pepper (which I reviewed in one of my previous boxes) and Lightly Salted. Since these are designed to be a snack for one person, they are smaller than other bags of popcorn, but they are a good snack size for me. I don’t eat much popcorn but it’s nice to have every now and then. This popcorn didn’t wow me but it wasn’t bad. It had just the slightest salty flavor but really just tasted like plain popcorn. I added Kettle Corn seasoning to it to make it more flavorful.

Verdict: Try

Graze Snack BoxKey Lime Pie was a mix of lime flavored raisins, vanilla cookie drops, mini meringues, and green raisins. This smelled very lime-y when I opened it. Graze uses an excessive amount of raisins in their mixes but I like how they use flavored raisins. The lime flavored raisins had a strong lime flavor but were slightly sweet instead of sour. The vanilla cookie drops tasted like crunchier, not-as-sweet vanilla wafer cookies. The mini meringues had a great, crunchy texture. They were sweet and pretty sugary and melted in my mouth. The green raisins tasted like a slightly tangier version of normal raisins. They did not have a strong flavor. I liked them. This was a great blend of flavors and textures. It had a good “key lime” flavor but I wish it was a little limier. It leaned sweet but not too sweet. The mini meringues were really cute and this snack definitely fit its name.

Verdict: Like

Graze Snack BoxThe Summer Berry Compote included berry compote with wholemeal shortbread dippers. It immediately smelled very fresh with a strong berry flavor when I opened it. The berry compote was fantastic. It was tangy and sweet and tasted like raspberries and lemon. There was plenty to scoop onto the dippers. The shortbread dippers had a crumbly texture that was hard to work with. They tasted kind of plain and one broke apart as I was trying to scoop out the compote. I wish there was more berry compote in this snack, and better dippers.

Verdict: Like

I’m still really happy with Graze. I love the variety of snacks and the versatility of the subscription you can pause it or add extra boxes whenever you want, and you can receive weekly or biweekly shipments). Their customer service is also really great- I had a melted snack in one of my boxes and they reached out to me and credited me for half a box. They recently added more options to their website- you can now order a bigger box of snacks or choose boxes that only send sweet or savory snacks (I get the variety box). They have also reduced their price back to the $6.49 each box that I pay (that includes shipping). You can read more about my experiences with Graze here. And, you can even use my referral link here to get your first and fifth boxes FREE (and you can cancel at any time, even after the first free box).

Do you subscribe to any food boxes?


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  1. Andrea says:

    I’ve been getting Graze boxes for years now, I can’t live without them. I always take them to uni with me, they’re so great for on the go!


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