Graze Snack Box Review #6

graze_8_boxI’ve been getting Graze snack boxes for quite a while now and I have to admit, it still fun to get these snacks in the mail but some of the novelty has worn off. I really like receiving tasty, healthy snacks and the packaging is perfect for throwing them in my bag for later. Previously, I had been receiving a four pack of snacks every two weeks but I recently changed my subscription to an eight pack of snacks every month. Same amount of items, but a little cheaper. I was a little worried about the snacks lasting all month but so far I’ve been able to make it work, although I admit sometimes I eat two or three in a day and then make myself wait a week before eating any more!

graze_8_box1I really like Graze because it is somewhat customizable but the snacks I get each time are still a surprise. I’m a picky eater so I really like being able to “trash” snacks I never want to get. I’m finding that I’m getting even pickier with each box. I’ve been trashing a lot of ok items that I wouldn’t mind getting again because I’d rather get something else that I really love. They are also constantly adding new snacks, so there’s always something new to try! My eight snack box contained a couple of snacks I’d tried before and quite a few I hadn’t. The snacks were packaged the same way as before but there were two levels of snacks in the box. It was still small enough to fit in a mailbox.

caramel_appleI’ve had caramel apple a few times before. The apple pieces are soft but sometimes I end up with a bit of the core which is a little hard. They are slightly sour, like they are made from green apples. The caramel is sweet and gooey but not sticky. The sweetness pairs well with the sour apple pieces.

Verdict: Love

fruit_and_seed_flapjackI love Graze’s Flapjacks. They are super fresh and soft granola bars that fill me up. Fruit and Seed Flapjack is a new flavor for me. It is a rustic rolled oat flapjack that contains mixed seeds and dried fruits. This isn’t my favorite flapjack flavor. It’s a little too seed-y for me. I prefer Graze’s fruity flavors more.

Verdict: Try

herby_bread_basketHerby Bread Basket is another repeat for me, and a snack I’m happy to get again. It’s made of mini basil breadsticks, oregano rice crackers, and garlic crostini. This is a great crunchy, savory snack. I love the different flavors in this mix. The basil breadsticks have just enough of a basil flavor and the oregano rice crackers are slightly sweet in comparison. The garlic crostini are really good with just a hint of garlic. I really like this snack.

Verdict: Love

super_kaleSuper Kale and Edamame is a new snack for me. I really like fresh edamame and kale so I thought this would be worth trying. This snack is messy and came slightly crushed. The kale was crispy and crumbly with a slight lime taste. It was pretty good. The edamame was a little too hard and crunchy for me. It was salty and reminded me of sunflower seed shells. Overall, this snack was pretty bland and I couldn’t finish it all.

Verdict: Trash

chai_latteChai Latte is another new snack. Containing chai seeds, macadamias, yogurt coated sunflower seeds, and coconut flakes, it’s a crunchy, slightly sweet snack. The chai seeds are a mix of different seeds with a flavored coating. They are crunchy with a sweet chai flavor. The macadamias are just ok, I’m not a huge fan of them. The yogurt sunflower seeds are sweet with a slight crunch and the coconut is crunchy but doesn’t have a lot of flavor. This snack was good but I wouldn’t be very excited about getting it again.

Verdict: Try

apple_cosmoApple Cosmo is a fruit mix with soft apple pieces, cranberries, and lime raisins. I like Graze’s fruit mixes so I was glad to see this in my box. The soft apple pieces are a perfect texture and have a slightly tart flavor to them. The cranberries are soft and fresh. They are a good mix of tart and sweet. The lime raisins are also soft with a good lime flavor. This snack smelled fresh and citrus-y. It was tangy but sweet and all the fruits were soft and easy to eat. I really liked this.

Verdict: Like/Love

hot_cross_yumHot Cross Yum was one of the first snacks I tried that I really loved, so I was really happy to get it again. It’s a mix of orange raisins, cinnamon honey almonds, and vanilla cookie drops. The orange raisins have a great orange taste and a slight spicy flavor from the cinnamon in the almonds. The cinnamon honey almonds are really good. They are sweet with a crunchy coating and a good mix of honey and cinnamon flavors. The vanilla cookie drops are crunchy and sweet but not too sweet. I really love the mix of orange and cinnamon. This is a good sweet snack.

Verdict: Love

vitamin e defenseVitamin E Defense is a fruit and nut mix with roasted hazelnuts, redskin peanuts, jumbo raisins, and cranberries. It’s a good mix of fruit and nuts but it wasn’t my favorite. I really liked the cranberries but there were way too many peanuts. It was filling and a good boost of protein but there are other snacks I would much rather get.

Verdict: Trash

I still really like getting these Graze boxes. It’s nice to receive a box of healthy, tasty snacks in the mail. They are so easy to take on the go and they are perfect snacks for throughout the day. If you would like to try Graze, you can sign up using my referral link here and get your first and fifth boxes for FREE! Read more about my experiences with Graze here.


Graze is a subscription box service and by making a purchase, you are subscribing to the box. You can cancel at any time, even after your first free box.

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