Halloween Nails with Julep Beatrix and Mary

Halloween Nails with Julep Beatrix and MaryLast year my Halloween mani consisted of several shimmer polishes in fall shades: orange, red, and gold. This year, I went with a different route. I’m still not into black polish but orange seemed too predictable this time. I found a fun black glitter topper that looked more glamorous than soul-sucking and decided to pair it with a fun sparkly polish for a non-traditional Halloween look. I ended up using Julep Beatrix and Mary and I love the way my mani turned out.

Halloween Nails with Julep Beatrix and MaryBeatrix is a great glitter topper that is very unique. It looks really dark in the bottle but it’s really made with black, gold, and holographic glitter in a clear base. Mary is a light silver microglitter that really sparkles without being too flashy.

Julep Mary swatchMary is a great full-coverage microglitter. It is lighter than the other silver polishes I own and I love how much the glitter sparkles in the light. I used two coats here. I love how this glitter polish is a little understated but if you look closely you can still see some rainbows created by the light.

Halloween Nails with Julep Beatrix and MaryBeatrix is a wonderful glitter topper that is so different from anything else I own. It contains black and gold medium-sized glitters as well as black and holographic microglitters. It’s really a unique polish and I love how the holographic glitters really sparkle.

Halloween Nails with Julep Beatrix and MaryI really liked this combination. Julep Beatrix and Mary go really well together and I love how they fit the Halloween theme without being too over-the-top.  I’m having so much fun looking at my nails- I’m surprised by how much I like the black glitter and I really love how shiny my nails are! I can’t wait to think of more color combinations for Beatrix.

Halloween Nails with Julep Beatrix and MaryI’m really happy with how my Halloween mani with Beatrix and Mary turned out. It’s a little more subtle than the look I did last year and I like how glamorous my nails look! I think this would also be a really fun look for holiday parties or New Year’s.

What does your Halloween mani look like?


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