HASK Coconut Oil Nourishing Hair Care Collection

HASK Coconut Oil Nourishing Hair Care CollectionI’m pretty lazy when it comes to my hair. I only get it cut once or twice a year and most days all I do is brush it and call it a day. I still want my hair to look good though, so I tend to rely on products that keep it healthy. My hair is long and thick so I don’t like to spend a lot on shampoo and conditioner because I go through it so fast (and I have to admit a lot of the expensive stuff just doesn’t work for me). But, I still can’t totally cheap out if I want to get enough nice ingredients to keep my hair healthy. I recently got the chance to try the HASK Coconut Oil Nourishing Hair Collection which sounded like just the thing I was looking for.

HASK Coconut Oil Nourishing Hair Care Shampoo and ConditionerI’d tried one of HASK’s deep conditioner packets before and really liked it so I was excited to try the entire line. The HASK Coconut Oil Nourishing Hair Collection uses monoi oil, pure coconut oil infused with Tahitian gardenias, to moisturize hair and protect it from the elements. I had previously been using a new shampoo and conditioner that made my hair super dry but as soon as I applied the HASK Nourishing Shampoo to my hair, I could feel a difference. My hair immediately felt softer and less stiff. The HASK Nourishing Conditioner helped even more. I was surprised by how quickly these products changed my hair- it went from being really dry and full of static to soft, hydrated, and bouncy with only one wash. I knew finding the right shampoos and conditioners was important but I didn’t realize how drastic the results could be after only one wash. And the HASK Coconut Oil line smells amazing! It has a pretty strong, sweet coconut smell that makes me want to take a tropical vacation!

HASK Coconut Oil Nourishing Hair Care Deep Conditioner and Shine Hair OilLike I said, I’ve used a deep conditioning packet before and loved it so I was really excited to get the HASK Coconut Oil Nourishing Deep Conditioner. I use this once or twice a week and it makes my hair even softer and so healthy! I can get two to three uses out of one packet but I just use it from the middle of my hair to the ends and use my regular conditioner on my roots. This packet is a great way to quickly reinvigorate your hair if it’s damaged or dry. The HASK Coconut Oil Nourishing Shine Hair Oil is a wonderful hair oil that helps tame any flyaways or static. It feels light and absorbs quickly into my hair and it has the same delicious scent. I love smelling the coconut oil all day.

The HASK Coconut Oil Nourishing Hair Collection has done wonders for my hair, and I’ve only used it a few times! I love the smell and I love how well this moisturizes my hair. It makes my hair so soft and bouncy, it really looks more lively and healthy. This collection is pretty inexpensive (and Ulta always has sales) and it makes such a difference in my hair. It’s perfect for a lazy hair person like me, but it would really be great for anyone looking for healthy, moisturized, soft hair.


I received the HASK Coconut Oil Collection in exchange for my honest review.

27 thoughts on “HASK Coconut Oil Nourishing Hair Care Collection

  1. Tess says:

    I love super hydrating shampoos and conditioners, as well as coconut! I recently found a shampoo and conditioner I really like, but I’d love to try more.

  2. Nickie says:

    I’ve actually been wanting to jump on this Coconut Oil craze and this is a product I haven’t seen yet!! Thanks for sharing! I’ll definitely need to try this out, especially after your raving about it!

  3. KatyRose says:

    I have been eyeing this line of hair products for about 6 months now, not sure if it was for me. Great review. I’m going to pick some things up the next time I’m at the store. – Katy

  4. Allison says:

    I have so many hair products right now, but the coconut scent as you describe it is calling to me! I’ve heard only good things about Hask. When I make my way through my stash, I will definitely try these!

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  8. Amber says:

    I bought the sample sizes this weekend just to try it out and see how it works in my hair. I LOVE THIS!!! I have that combination of curly/straight hair that frizzes up if I dont use a straightener. My hair feels so silky and smooth! I cant even believe how it changed my hair after just one use! I am going back this weekend to get the full size bottles…. i hope they have it! This is a definite buy for anyone looking for a truly great shampoo.

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