HASK Superfruit Healthy Hair Collection

hask superfruit healthy hair collectionMy love affair with HASK continues after trying the HASK Superfruit Healthy Hair Collection. I’ve tried most of HASK’s collections at this point and I’ve always been happy with the results I’ve gotten from their products. The Superfruit line includes the Healthy Hair Shampoo, Healthy Hair Conditioner, and Healthy Hair Deep Conditioner. All three products use their Brilliant Shine Complex to help hair maintain shine, fight frizz, and restore resilience. The collection uses five superfruits known for their vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, and fatty acids to keep hair hydrated and healthy and it doesn’t contain any parabens or sulfates.

hask-superfruit-healthy-hair-shampoo-and-conditionerThe HASK Superfruit Healthy Hair Collection smells amazing! Honestly, I think one of my favorite things about HASK’s products is how they smell and the Superfruit line is absolutely wonderful. The dragon fruit and acai berry they use is very prominent and the shampoo and conditioner have a great fresh berry scent. The Superfruit Healthy Hair Shampoo cleanses well without leaving my hair stripped of moisture. The Healthy Hair Conditioner is nice and thick and contains Amazonian cupuaƧu butter to provide moisture and shine. Both products left my hair soft and shiny and feeling very healthy.

hask-superfruit-healthy-hair-deep-conditionerI love the deep conditioning packets from HASK and their Superfruit Healthy Hair Deep Conditioner is no exception. These packets make my hair so soft and I can easily get two to three uses out of each one. They’re a great way to reset my hair and get it feeling and looking super healthy. I especially love these when my hair starts to feel a little dry, especially during the winter.

I really liked using the HASK Superfruit Healthy Hair Collection. It left my hair feeling soft with a lot of shine and overall it did look and feel very healthy. Plus, it smelled so good!


I received these products from HASK in exchange for my honest review.

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