I Hang My Hat in Tennessee

Wow! It seems like all I’ve done these past two months is travel – from moving across the country, to work trips, and vacation trips I’ve been home in Nashville less than I’ve been away! Yes, that’s right I can officially call Nashville home and I couldn’t be more excited!! It’s still surreal to be able to say that – but I’m definitely happy to be here and looking forward to exploring the city more!


In the little time I’ve been here I’ve already managed to eat at so many great restaurants including Rosepepper, The Silly Goose (so sad it closed!), The Pharmacy (I’m such a sucker for a great burger), Jeni’s, the new Family Wash, 5 Points Pizza, Jett’s Pizza (I’m obsessed with their square barbecue chicken pizza), and Pinewood Social (such a cool place with the bowling alley, outdoor pool and bocce ball). The food scene here might have played a slight role in my decision to move here!

Of course, I’ve also seen some live music while I’ve been here. I was able to go to the inaugural Pilgrimage Festival in Franklin which was a ton of fun! To be honest, before the festival I had only heard of a few of the main headliners but I ended up enjoying all the bands we saw that day. It was definitely a mixture of music types. It’s tough to pick a favorite from the day because they were all so diverse but I have been listening to a lot of Will Hoge since the festival. It was also really cool to see Weezer perform even though it ended up pouring rain at the end of their set. I would definitely come again next year!

imageIn the short time I’ve been here I’ve learned that I need to invest in a good rain jacket (apparently it rains here a lot), I need to start a coozie collection (everyone uses them and girls even carry extra in their purses), and most of the Uber drivers are musicians who drive for Uber as a side gig!

Do you have any recommendations for events/activities/restaurants for a newcomer?


P.S. I have not started saying y’all yet.

15 thoughts on “I Hang My Hat in Tennessee

  1. Yelle says:

    I know the feeling – I’ve recently moved as well and time has not slowed down enough for me to process it! I drove through/past Nashville on the highway on the way to my move and when I passed it, I thought it looked like such a cool city. Definitely on my list of places to visit. Hope you’re settling in nicely! Finding a great burger is the first step to finding comfort in a new home ;)

    • mollyandstacie says:

      Yeah I’ve moved several times before but with this move it seems like I’ve been non-stop. Still putting some finishing touches on my new place but looking forward to almost being settled in! Definitely a fun place to visit but be careful – you might end up loving the city enough to move here like I did!

  2. Karen says:

    I used to live in Nashville! I miss it so much especially all the live music! You HAVE to go to Loveless Cafe for brunch- its my absolute favorite and I live in NYC now where there’s tons of brunches to chose from. When you go make sure you get there way ahead of time because there’s usually a 1 1/2-2 hour wait but there’s cute shops to look around! Thanks for sharing!! xoxo

    • mollyandstacie says:

      The live music is so much fun! I love Loveless! The biscuits are amazing! My parents helped me move here and I couldn’t let them leave without taking them there! I’ll have to go for brunch next time.

  3. Natalie says:

    I’ve heard awesome things about Nashville! I’ve only visited once–and for a very short time–back when I was looking at Vanderbilt for law school. I loved what I saw then, and I need to go back for a longer time. Congrats on the new home! :)

  4. Chocolate Mama Loves Vanilla says:

    I’m so excited that you are excited about being in Tennessee! Congrats! I hope to move one day away from the 4 seasons, this 4th season in particular! LOL I hope you stay safe, keep traveling and enjoy your new views! Thanks for sharing :-)

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