Julep August 2014 Maven Box

Julep August 2014 Maven BoxI finally got my Julep August 2014 Maven Box, just in time for September’s Maven reveal! Julep switched warehouses and shipping companies this month and there were tons of horror stories as a result. Some people received extras, some received replacements, some had their boxes cancelled due to stock… My box was in one of the last groups to be shipped, and I was worried that I wouldn’t get what I ordered, but my box was perfect! Julep even offered me 1900 Jules for the wait (nearly enough for a free box!). It was still frustrating to have to wait so long, but since Julep basically gave me a month free and everything arrived exactly right, I’m happy. And the colors are gorgeous! I’m a big fan of bright jewel tones, so August’s Wanderlust Collection was right up my alley! You can see more of the Wanderlust Collection here.

Julep August 2014 Maven BoxLook at the pretty colors! Since I’m in the My Maven program, I was able to swap the products in my box. For my Julep August 2014 Maven Box I went with Katie, India, and a Gel Eye Glider in Smoky Taupe Shimmer. I added on Sushmita, Waleska, and Avni. Since I chose three add ons, I also received a free gift- Julep’s Blank Canvas Mattifying Eye Primer.

Julep August 2014 Maven BoxJulep had a double-ended kajal eyeliner awhile ago, and they had a mini set of Gel Eye Gliders around the holidays last year, but this is the first time they’ve offered full-sized Gel Eye Gliders. Designed to glide on easily and have the pigmentation of a gel liner, these are waterproof and last all day. There were four different colors to choose from: Rich Brown, Blackest Black, Smoky Plum and Smoky Taupe Shimmer. I chose Smoky Taupe Shimmer.

Julep August 2014 Maven BoxSmoky Taupe Shimmer is a great neutral color with just a little shimmer. It leans a little more brown than I was expecting, I thought it would be a touch more gray. It applies well, and once it sets it is hard to take off. It’s out of stock on Julep’s site right now, but should soon be available here. $16/12.80 Maven.

Julep August 2014 Maven BoxMy gift for choosing three add ons was Julep’s Blank Canvas Mattifying Eye Primer. I usually use Urban Decay’s Primer Potion, but I’m almost out, so I was happy to receive this. It is colored, so it might not work for everyone. There have also been complaints about the packaging and the amount of primer in the tube, but I’ve read that you can pull the plastic lid out and reach a lot more primer that way. Julep says this contains light-diffusing diamond powder and hydrating oils. $22/17.60 Maven here.

Julep August 2014 Maven Box

India, Katie

India is the color I was looking forward to most, and the color that sold out fastest during the Maven selection window. I actually wasn’t able to get it at first and had to keep checking the site until it came back in stock a couple of days later. It is described as a freshwater blue shimmer, and I’d say that’s pretty accurate. In person it’s a little darker than Julep’s swatches, but not by much. India is a great bright blue shimmer, and it applied nicely. Julep must be working on their formula, because all of these polishes (with the exception of Katie) were a dream to work with. They weren’t thick like a lot of Julep polishes, but they weren’t thin either. Two coats is all I needed. None of the Wanderlust polishes are in stock on Julep’s site yet, but you can see India here. $14/11.20 Maven.

Katie was a bit of a disappointment to me, but it’s still a great color. It’s an orchid iridescent chrome that leans a little more purple than pink. It’s definitely more purple than Julep’s swatches, and not quite as shimmery. Katie is a little sheer. I used two coats for the picture but should have used three. The formula isn’t supposed to be textured, but it is a little bumpy on. For some reason it just doesn’t apply smoothly. This is my least favorite of the polishes I ordered. $14/11.20 Maven here.

Julep August 2014 Maven Box

Avni, Waleska

Avni is described as an African violet shimmer. It’s more purple in person and darker than Julep’s swatches. The formula is pretty good, but not great. I used two coats for the picture and it looked perfect but in direct sunlight it came across as a little sheer and splotchy. Three coats might be better, or just slightly thicker coats. I wouldn’t really describe Avni as a shimmer. It reminds me a little bit of Julep’s Kayla, which has a pearl finish. Avni is a great, shiny purple color. $14/11.20 Maven here.

Waleska was a pleasant surprise for me. I wasn’t expecting to like it nearly as much as I do. It’s a gorgeous green with blue tones and lots of gold glitter. The formula is fantastic and two coats are all you need. Once again, it’s a little darker than Julep’s swatches, but not by much. Waleska is a great standout green that isn’t too bright and isn’t too dark. This is my second favorite color from my box, after Sushmita. $14/11.20 Maven here.

Julep August 2014 Maven Box


Sushmita was a featured add on for the Julep August 2014 Maven Box, and I’m so glad I bought it. It’s described as a pashmina pink silk and Julep’s swatches were right on. This is a bright but not neon pink with a silk finish. It has some shimmer to it, so it’s not completely matte, and it pairs well with the shimmers/glitters/metallics in the collection. This is a beautiful color, my favorite from the collection and the best color I’ve gotten from Julep in awhile. I really like the silk finish and it’s nice to see Julep do something a little different. $14/11.20 here.

box11 copy

Sushmita in direct sunlight

This is Sushmita in direct sunlight, without a top coat. Look at all those sparkles! They are what stop the polish from being flat, despite it’s silk finish. I like how you can wear Sushmita as is, or add a top coat to really bring out the shimmer.

box12 copyHere’s my version of Julep’s Sushmita nail art. Kind of a fun way to wear all the colors together. Katie doesn’t stand out quite as well as the other colors; it’s too similar to Sushmita. I used Goldie (an older Julep color, a nice yellow gold) on my thumb.

There were four promo codes in this month’s boxes:

Use 10FORYOU for $10 off a $20 purchase (through 9/30, not valid on Mystery Boxes, Secret Store items, Jule Boxes and gift cards).

Use COLORFORYOU to get a free polish with a $15 purchase through 9/30.

Use JULEPPERK for 30% off a purchase, through 9/30.

Use GLIDERPERK for 30% off Julep’s new Gel Eye Gliders, through 9/30 (hopefully they’re in stock by then).

Sign up for Julep Maven using my referral code here and use the promo code HELLOYOU to get your first box (3 polishes and 2 beauty products) for FREE, just pay $2.99 shipping.

You can read more about Julep’s Maven program in my July Maven box review here.


Julep Maven is a subscription service. By signing up you agree to their terms of service. You can call or email to cancel at any time. Their window for choosing products is the 20th-24th of each month, and then you are billed on the 27th and boxes start shipping. You can earn a skip every six months. My Maven is $24.99 per month or $59.97 if you pay for three months upfront. Maven Luxe is $39.99 per month or $104.97 if you pay for three months upfront.


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