Julep August 2015 Maven Box

julep august 2015 maven boxIt’s been awhile since I’ve taken a Julep Maven Box. I really like Julep’s subscription service but for the past few months I just haven’t been that into the colors offered. They’ve either been too similar to other Julep polishes I own or I’ve felt overwhelmed with polish and haven’t wanted to add any more to my collection. The latest collection changed that. The Julep August 2015 Muse Montreal Collection included plenty of bright colors and sparkly, unique finishes, just what I was craving.

august_maven_box1I ended up with three new polishes: Mari, a peony holographic, Laure, a blazing red-orange stardust, and Sierra, an everglades iridescent chrome. The Julep August 2015 Maven Box was a fun box to open. Just seeing these bright colors in the package made me so happy!

august_maven_box2The extra in my box this month was a set of metallic temporary tattoos. I think these are a lot of fun and can’t wait to use them. Plus, they’re small enough that I can even use them for nail art.

julep_mariMari was a color that I was on the fence about. Julep describes it as a peony linear liquid holographic. I think holo polishes are so pretty but Julep’s haven’t been that great in the past. Still, I decided to try it out. Who knew, maybe I would love it!

julep_mari1This is one coat of Mari. It’s a pretty muted raspberry color with shimmer. The formula goes on well and is pretty opaque even with just one coat. It is a little brighter than Julep’s swatches but they aren’t too far off.

julep_mari3Two coats deepens the color even more and adds more shimmer. This still isn’t much of a holographic polish but it’s pretty nonetheless. I don’t have a color like this yet so I’m happy to have it. I think Mari will be a really pretty color for fall, it’s a nice muted shade that isn’t too dark or dreary.

julep_mari4You can see the holographic particles in the polish but they don’t do much other than add a little more dimension to the color. If you are looking for a holo polish that makes rainbows and really shines, this is not the polish for you.

julep_laureLaure is a Wonder Maven polish with a stardust finish. I was most excited to get this color in my Julep August 2015 box. I really like Julep’s stardust finishes and I love bright oranges in summer.

julep_laure1With one coat, Laure is a pretty orange-y coral that looks almost jelly-like. The stardust finish is a textured polish with glitter in it. I like Julep’s textured polishes better than other brands because they aren’t as matte. The glitter really adds a nice touch and the texture isn’t too grainy or coarse.

julep_laure2Two coats makes Laure completely opaque. This is a beautiful reddish orange shade that contains red and gold glitter. I am so happy with this color. I think the red-orange is very flattering and the gold glitter is so pretty when it catches the light. Laure is redder and more intense in person than in Julep’s swatches.

julep_laure3This is definitely a great color for warmer weather. The formula is really nice and it dries right away which is even better. It holds up really well without chipping and just seeing the bright color makes me happy.

julep_sierraSierra was the third polish in my Maven box. I really like Julep’s deep blues and greens so this color was a no-brainer for me. Julep describes Sierra as an everglades iridescent chrome but I think it’s more of a shimmer finish. I don’t see any iridescence in this and the glitters are too big for me to consider it a chrome.

julep_sierra1With one coat, Sierra is a pretty jungle green, although it was a little thin in some places. The formula was a little gritty and not as nice as I would have liked, but it wasn’t too bad.

julep_sierra2Two coats makes Sierra completely opaque. I could see more of a chrome finish here but the glitter was still pretty chunky and stopped the polish from having that super shiny molten look. The color was brighter than I was expecting (much brighter than Julep’s swatches) but I liked it a lot.

julep_sierra3I really like Sierra’s bright green finish and I thought the shimmer was really nice. I was still a little let down by this polish. It’s very pretty but I wish the formula was just a little better.


Waleska, Sierra, Phoebe

Based on Julep’s swatches of Sierra, I was expecting the color to be very similar to Waleska. I love Waleska so I was ok with getting another color like it. However, when I swatched Sierra I found it to be quite different than Waleska and more similar to Phoebe. In fact, the two are nearly identical. I also love Phoebe so that wasn’t a problem but Sierra was quite a bit different than I thought it would be.


Sierra, Phoebe, Sierra, Waleska

Sierra is a bright jungle green with glitter particles. Phoebe is a bright metallic green that I consider to be more of a chrome finish than Sierra. It is just slightly bluer but in my opinion the colors are virtually interchangeable, they just have slightly different finishes. Waleska is much bluer with a lot more glitter.

julep_waleska_sierra_phoebe2I can see owning Phoebe or Sierra and Waleska as those polishes are quite different but I don’t think it’s necessary to own both Sierra and Phoebe. Unless of course, you absolutely love the color and want it in two different finishes. I prefer Phoebe to Sierra as the formula is nicer, but it is currently sold out.

august_maven_box3I am really happy I got the Julep August 2015 Maven Box. I love all of the polishes I chose and I love the different finishes. Mari is a pretty shade even if it’s not all that holographic. I absolutely love everything about Laure: the color, finish, formula… everything. I love the reddish-orange shade and I can see it quickly becoming a favorite of mine. Sierra is a great color with a good but not great formula. I love how bright of a green it is but I much prefer Phoebe. Mari, Laure, and Sierra are all $14/11.20 Maven here.

There were three promo codes in this month’s boxes:
Use TEN for $10 off a $20 purchase (through 9/30, not valid on Mystery Boxes, Secret Store items, Jule Boxes and gift cards).
Use COLORME to get a free polish with a $15 purchase, through 9/30.
Use THIRTY for 30% off a purchase, through 9/30.

Sign up for Julep Maven using my referral link here and use the promo code FRIEND to get your first box for FREE, just pay $2.99 shipping.

What did you get in your Julep August 2015 box?


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13 thoughts on “Julep August 2015 Maven Box

  1. Allison says:

    Oh, I love those teals! What a great box of bright and shiny shades. I got some metallic tattoos from a different brand this summer and I’ve been having fun with them :)

  2. Sami says:

    I absolutely love that middle polish! Also, I’m so glad to see such a great review on nail polish. Every time I’ve seen one in the past, they just say something like “this is a good/bad color” but you went really in depth, and I especially appreciate you showing the difference between first and second coats!

    xo Sami

    • mollyandstacie says:

      Thank you Sami, that’s so nice of you to say! I look up a lot of reviews before I buy things and I like to see lots of information. I try to include everything I would be looking for in a review.

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