Julep Julie, Aphrodite, and Alex

julep aphrodite julie alexIt’s no secret that I’m a fan of Julep nail polish…. and the color pink…. and anything that sparkles. Last year, Julep released a Birthstone Collection. Each month they released a new color relating to that month’s birthstone (they’ve also continued the collection for this year, using secondary birthstones instead). For the most part, the polishes were full-coverage glitters, ie right up my alley. When they released Julie, October’s birthstone polish (pink tourmaline), I had to have it. Today I’m featuring a mani using Julep Julie and two other Julep polishes, Aphrodite and Alex.

julep julie 2Julep Julie is October’s birthstone polish. It caused a lot of uproar from October babies when it was released (traditionally, opal is October’s birthstone and pink tourmaline is an alternate). I may have been the only one happy to see a pink glitter polish (seriously, there was immediate outcry). Julie isn’t just a light pink glitter polish though. It’s a multidimensional full-coverage glitter that is made up of small dark pink glitter and larger, jagged light pink glitter in a shimmery base.

julep julieI’m a big fan of Julep’s full-coverage glitters. They really do cover well and they are so sparkly and flashy. Just what I like in a polish. This is one coat of Julie. It may look pretty sparse, but Julep’s glitters build up quickly. You can easily see all the different glitters in this polish.

julep julie 1Two coats is pretty close to full-coverage in person, although you can still see some nail underneath. I really like the look of Julie. It’s a really pretty medium light pink color and I love the mix of glitters. Lately I’ve been really into jagged glitters (see my post with Julep’s Gianna here). They can be difficult to place on the nail and can catch on things if you don’t use a top coat, but they’re so pretty. I liked the look of Julie on its own, but I wanted to add something to make it really pop.

julep aphroditeAphrodite is another pretty pink polish from Julep. I thought it would make a great base for Julie. Aphrodite was originally released as part of Julep’s Valentine’s Day themed mystery boxes last year along with two other colors (Venus and Lindy, I bought them in a trio set shortly after the mystery boxes were released). It’s a gorgeous metallic dark rose polish with silver microglitter. I really like the finish and the color is a great complement to Julie.

julep alexAlex has a very similar finish to Aphrodite. This was released as a gift with purchase last fall. I didn’t pick it up then but was able to grab it shortly after. Julep describes Alex as a regal purple microglitter, but it’s more like Aphrodite- a purple metallic with silver microglitter mixed in. Alex is another very pretty color, and not that well known since it was never released in a Maven box (lately it seems like the gifts with purchase and mystery box polishes are better than the regular collections).

julep aphrodite alexI started by painting three of my nails with Aphrodite and two with Alex. Both polishes are wonderful to work with- they aren’t too thick or too thin and they are close to be full-coverage in only one coat.

julep aphrodite alex 1I love the look of these two polishes. I love the mix of pink and purple with silver microglitter and how it gives the polishes a metallic look (Celia is another Julep polish with a similar finish). The two colors reflect the light so well and they are just really pretty and fun to look at. As much as I loved these two colors together, this mani still needed a little more.

julep aphrodite alex 2So I added one coat of Julie over Aphrodite. I was really happy with the chunky glitter over the metallic base polish. It added just a bit more sparkle, and how can I resist more sparkle?

julep aphrodite julie alex 1Aphrodite is the perfect color to pair with Julie. It’s just a little darker but matches the glitter well. I also love the added sparkle from Aphrodite. But I still wasn’t completely done with this look.

julep aphrodite alex 3I decided to add some more Aphrodite to the look and turned my ring finger into a half-Alex, half-Aphrodite accent nail. I just love how seamlessly the two pair together. They really do have the same finish with different colors.

julep aphrodite alex 4And there it is, my sparkly/metallic/pink/purple mani. I really like these three colors together and I had so much fun creating this look. It’s a really pretty, feminine mani that is a lot of fun to look at and it held up pretty well. I didn’t even use a top coat and it lasted several days without chipping. These are three Julep colors that don’t seem to get much love (mostly because they’re not as well-known as other colors) but they are definitely worth adding to your collection. I hope Julep releases more colors with these finishes, they’re so fun! Julep Julie, Aphrodite, and Alex are each $14/11.20 Maven here.


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