Julep Maren

Julep MarenIt’s no secret that I love a good pink nail polish. Light pink cremes are my go-to although bright pinks are super fun. One color I’ve been coveting for awhile is Julep Maren. I didn’t get it when it was initially released because it was described as a sheer color and I didn’t think it would be very noticeable on the nails (and Julep’s swatches are notoriously off). After seeing real-life swatches I was hooked. Yes, it was sheer, but not French-manicure-sheer. I purchased it a couple of months ago and couldn’t wait for warmer weather so I could try it out.

Julep Maren mani

one coat

Julep Maren is described as an electric bubblegum sheer with blue sheen. I’d say the description is pretty accurate even if Julep’s swatches are not. One coat is pretty sheer but the polish is so vibrant that it adds a lot of color to the nails. The blue sheen is totally noticeable, especially in sunlight. Even though Maren is a sheer polish, it can definitely be worn with just one coat, but I wanted a more vibrant color.

Julep Maren mani

two coats

Applying two coats really makes the color standout. Maren is such a pretty bubblegum pink and the sheer formula and blue sheen make it different than the typical light pink creme polish. I’ve read a lot of complaints that Maren took so many coats to become opaque but I thought it looked perfect with only two.

Julep MarenIt does still look just slightly sheer with two coats but it’s only noticeable if you look really close. In person it is a very vibrant pink shade that is soft at the same time. I’m really happy with two coats of Maren on its own but I think one coat would look really nice layered over other polishes. The formula was fantastic- it went on smoothly and wasn’t too thick or too thin. It also dried pretty quickly. Julep Maren is $14/11.20 Maven here. Other Julep pinks I love are Caitlin, Sushmita, and Avery.


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