Lipstick Discovery

Over the past year or so, wearing lipstick has become more appealing to me (this might partly be due to Molly and some of my friends looking cute in lipstick). In the past, I’ve always stuck with a good chapstick that adds a little color to my already pink lips or have gone with lipgloss for special occasions. I had tried wearing lipstick and it just never looked that fabulous on me. For a while I was convinced I just needed to work on my application skills, so of course, I have a mini collection of light pink lipsticks that look so cute in the package but then don’t offer enough coverage when I wear them.

Determined to be able to wear cute lipstick, I did a little research on best tips for wearing lipstick; some of the most helpful tips I found included finding your perfect shade (one to two shades darker than your natural lip color – Bobbi Brown swears by this), moisturizing your lips before application, and using lip liner. I had heard about making sure your lips were well moisturized and using lip liner before (I usually use a little EOS before application but have yet to try out a good lip liner) but I had never put much thought into picking the best shade for my lips beyond a warm or cool toned red lipstick. I didn’t realize my love for light pink lipstick was one of the key problems I was having with wearing lipstick – light pink is just too light for my lip color!

After I discovered the color of lipstick was the core problem I decided to try wearing darker lipstick. I actually wore red on Halloween (with my hipster Minnie Mouse costume) and it seemed to work well – it offered full coverage of my lips with no clumps and without having to apply several layers. I also decided I was going to try to wear lipstick to my company’s holiday party – I was considering wearing red again but stopped at CVS the morning of the party and found a bright pink color that I really liked, Maybelline Vivid Rose. It seemed darker than my lips when I was in the store and it actually worked out really well. The color is a bright, rich pink. In the package it comes off a little intense but once on it’s a really pretty bright pink color that I would definitely consider wearing to work, not just for special occasions. I was super excited to find a pink that works well with my lip color and I’m looking forward to building a larger lipstick collection and becoming more comfortable wearing lipstick.

red lipstick

^^ Red on Halloween

pink lipstick

^^ Trying out the new pink for the holiday party (sorry for the awkward selfie).

lipstick discovery

^^ Pink for the Holiday Party (it’s definitely a brighter pink in person than in this picture)

What are your best lipstick tips?

– Stacie

4 thoughts on “Lipstick Discovery

  1. Stacie says:

    Color will look different on people due to skin undertones and your actual lip color sometimes. I love making my own shade with layers of colors. Sometimes a darker liner with a lighter neutral is a fabulous look. If feeling fun adding a glitter gloss is fun, especially for the holidays.

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