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Loreal Extraordinary Oil CollectionI have a confession to make- I’m pretty lazy when it comes to my hair. Most days I brush it once in the morning and call it a day. If I’m feeling particularly fancy I’ll curl it with a curling wand or add a couple of braids. But for the most part, I don’t do much to it. In fact, I have a box of complicated hair styling products that never get any use. Still, I love trying new shampoos and conditioners and I love a good hair serum or oil. I was so excited when Influenster sent me a box with the L’Oreal Extraordinary Oil Collection. I tried L’Oreal’s Ultimate Straight Collection last year and loved it so I was super happy to try their latest products. I received the entire collection, which includes the L’Oreal Extraordinary Oil Nourishing Shampoo, Extraordinary Oil Nourishing Conditioner, and Extraordinary Oil Lustrous Oil Serum.

Loreal Extraordinary Oil ShampooThe L’Oreal Extraordinary Oil Collection uses a blend of Coconut, Argan, Chamomile, Amla, Soja, and Sunflower oils to revive dry hair. My hair can get pretty dry at times so I was really excited to try these products. L’Oreal says the Extraordinary Oil products will eliminate dryness in only one wash and give you soft, lustrous hair. The Extraordinary Oil Nourishing Shampoo feels really light but I could tell it was cleaning my hair well. I really liked how it made my hair feel clean without feeling like it was stripped of moisture. These products also smell really good- the scent is light and slightly powdery and floral.

Loreal Extraordinary Oil ConditionerThe L’Oreal Extraordinary Oil Nourishing Conditioner has the same great scent. This conditioner was thick and emollient but didn’t leave my hair feeling greasy or weighed down. Instead, it felt light, soft, and bouncy. I really liked this conditioner and it did make a noticeable difference in my hair after only one use. I’m really picky about conditioners but this one was great.

Loreal Extraordinary Oil Lustrous Oil SerumThe L’Oreal Extraordinary Oil Lustrous Oil Serum is a styling product that can be used on damp hair before blow drying or on dry hair to tame static and frizz. I think it would also work mixed into the shampoo or conditioner. I used it on dry hair to add shine and make it look super sleek. I really liked this hair oil, it left my hair feeling hydrated but not weighed down and it was easy to wash off of my hands.

I loved how all of these products made my hair feel light and touchably soft. These products definitely lived up to their claims and made my hair feel a lot less dry after only one use. A lot of times moisturizing products can weigh hair down or leave it feeling greasy quicker but that didn’t happen with these. I was really happy with the L’Oreal Extraordinary Oil Collection and I would definitely buy these products in the future.

Do you like to use oil in your hair?


I received these products from L’Oreal Paris in exchange for my honest review.

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