Luminess Air Airbrush Makeup System

Luminess Air Airbrush Makeup SystemI’ve heard so many great things about airbrush makeup over the last several years but it always seemed so intimidating to me. Sure, it can apparently make you look like you walked out of a fashion magazine but isn’t it hard to use? I would love to look like I have perfect skin but I don’t want to make a huge mess all over my bathroom. It sounded expensive and time consuming in addition to being impossible for a normal person to use but I still liked the idea of a flawless finish. I was recently asked to review the Luminess Air Airbrush Makeup System and I have to admit, I was a little worried. I really wanted to try it out but would I even be able to use it well enough to write a decent review?

Luminess Air Airbrush Makeup System 4I received the Luminess Legend Airbrush System which included the compressor and stylus along with a starter kit of makeup. There are a few different color choices for the Legend and I went with hot pink and black because I thought it looked fun. The compressor was much smaller than I thought it would be and it doesn’t take up too much space on my counter. It has rubber feet on the bottom so it doesn’t slide around and it has a holder on the side for the stylus which is super handy. I kept turning the machine on and off while I was switching products and the holder gave me a spot to place the stylus so makeup didn’t spill out of the cup.

Luminess Air Airbrush Makeup System 5Since I’d never used airbrush makeup before, I watched a few videos on Luminess Air’s website before I tried it. The concept seems pretty simple, you add a few drops of makeup to the cup on the stylus and turn the compressor on. Then you hold the stylus like a pen and slowly pull back on the trigger to dispense the makeup. One thing that surprised me is that air is constantly flowing from the stylus if the system is on, not just when you pull the trigger. I thought that would be a pain but I actually really liked that feature. It made it easy to figure out where I was going to be spraying the makeup before I pulled the trigger.

Luminess Air Airbrush Makeup System 2I have to be honest, my initial experience with Luminess Air (before I even tried the products) wasn’t that great. Their website offers a handy “Color Match Guaranteed” feature where you either input the UPC of your current foundation or email them a photo of yourself and they tell you which foundation shade you need. I had quite a few bottles of popular foundations on hand and none of their UPCs pulled up in Luminess’ system so I don’t think they have a very large catalog of colors to compare. I ended up emailing them my photo and was told my perfect color match is “fair,” which encompasses four different Luminess Air foundation shades. I’m pretty sure I could color match everyone with 100% accuracy if I was picking shade ranges not specific colors as well. To be fair, the starter systems do include several different foundation colors so you can find the exact one you need so “fair” was really all I needed to know but I could have figured that out on my own. I also received the Ultra Airbrush Foundation when I requested the Satin (more on that later) and my kit came with a really sweet handwritten note… that was addressed to someone else. We were not off to a great start.

Luminess Air Airbrush Makeup System 3My Luminess Air starter kit contained two large bottle of foundation (I received shades 2 and 3 in their Ultra Airbrush Foundation) and mini bottles of the Luminess Air Brightening Glow, Blush in Tulip, and Moist Primer. I started by using a few drops of the primer, then applied the blush before the Ultra Foundation and finally added the Brightening Glow last. I was pretty close to Shade 2 but I had to add a drop or two of Shade 3 to get the perfect color. The nice thing about airbrush foundation is the color doesn’t have to be perfect. Since you’re only applying a small amount, you can use a foundation that’s a bit lighter or darker (or mix a couple together) to make it work.

Luminess Air Airbrush Makeup System UltraI was surprised by how easy the Luminess Air Legend System was to use. Having the constant airflow from the stylus made it easy to tell where the makeup would go when I pulled the trigger. The stylus itself was easy to use. I gently pulled back on the trigger while making circular motions with my hand to avoid spraying too much in one area. The hardest part for me was applying the blush. I like a lot of blush but the color was pretty intense and I found it hard to apply it lightly in the exact spot I wanted. I ended up blending it with a brush and was pretty happy I applied it under my foundation so I was able to tone it down a bit. It was also difficult to keep my hand far enough from my face. You are supposed to hold the stylus about 8 inches away but I found my hand kept inching closer and closer. There is definitely a bit of a learning curve with this system but it wasn’t nearly as hard as I thought it would be.

The Ultra Finish Airbrush Foundation is supposed to be the perfect mix of powder and glow for a modern look. I’m used to using bb creams and dewy foundations so this was pretty different for me. It wasn’t completely matte but it wasn’t glowy enough for my liking. I thought the Ultra Finish was very wearable but it didn’t quite feel like me. It was a nice finish but I didn’t love it. I’ve been mixing in the Brightening Glow with the foundation before I apply it and that helps a bit. I’m also thinking of adding the Moist Primer to the mix to see if it makes it feel lighter. That’s the nice thing about airbrush makeup- you can really customize it to get what you want.

Luminess Air Airbrush Makeup System 7Although they originally sent me the wrong finish, Luminess Air did fix their mistake. They immediately sent me another kit with three mini bottles of their Satin Airbrush Foundation along with a bottle of their Silk Finish, which they thought I would like better. I also received extra bottles of the Moist Primer and Brightening Glow along with a new Blush shade (Soft Rose) and their Bronzer. My package contained another sweet handwritten note…. addressed to someone else. I’m beginning to think their packing team doesn’t realize the notes are personalized.

Luminess Air Airbrush Makeup System Silk 1This time I applied the Moist Primer first and then tried the bronzer. I really like the feel of the primer on my face, it feels nice and cool and does a great job of adding a light moisturizer. I thought the bronzer was pretty easy to use although it was hard to get very specific about where I applied it since the spray of makeup covers a pretty large area. Still, it definitely gave me a bit of a bronzy glow and was good for general contouring. Next I tried the new blush in Soft Rose. I found Soft Rose much easier to use than Tulip although it was still a little difficult to get it exactly where I wanted it. Soft Rose isn’t quite as bright so it seemed to blend into my skin a little easier. I decided to try the Silk Airbrush Foundation first. The Silk Finish gives a dewy glow and I only needed one coat to get the look I want. I really liked the Silk Finish and it ended up being my favorite of the three I tried. It gave me nice coverage and the perfect amount of dewiness. It wasn’t super shiny but I felt like my skin had a lit-from-within glow to it. I didn’t look like I was wearing a lot of makeup but my skin looked very even and nice.

Luminess Air Airbrush Makeup System SatinThe final foundation I tried was the Satin Finish. This was the finish I originally requested. I mixed a few drops of Shade 1 with Shade 3 to get the right color and applied it over the primer and blush in Soft Rose. The Satin Airbrush Foundation is supposed to be “perfect for that light natural glow.” This had a very light coverage to it and I had to apply two coats and could have even applied more without looking like I was wearing a lot of makeup. This would be perfect for good skin days or no-makeup makeup looks. I’m glad Luminess Air suggested the Silk Finish instead, I ended up liking that a lot more.

Luminess Air Airbrush Makeup System 1So what did I learn from my experiences with Luminess Air? Airbrush makeup really isn’t that hard to use! It’s pretty easy to learn and although I’m still working on applying blush perfectly, I’ve had no problem creating wearable looks with the Luminess Air Legend System. I like the process of applying the airbrush makeup and although it seems like it would take a long time, it really doesn’t take any longer than it does to apply normal makeup. The startup costs with airbrush makeup are definitely higher than with normal foundations but the compressor and stylus are one time purchases and you only need a few drops of foundation at a time so I could see this being cheaper in the long run. I really like the customization options that are available with airbrush makeup- it’s so easy to mix foundation colors together or add highlighter, moisturizer, or bronzer to your foundation without making a mess. I absolutely love the Silk Airbrush Foundation and the Ultra and Satin finishes are nice as well. Luminess Air needs to work a little on their packing (and making sure each customer gets the right card and product) but I was happy with how quickly their customer service solved my problem. I don’t know if Luminess Air will replace all my normal foundations and bb creams, but I’m having fun using the system!

Luminess Air was kind enough to send me a discount code to share. Use 235704920 for 20% off!

Have you tried airbrush makeup before?


I received the Luminess Air Airbrush System in exchange for my honest review.

17 thoughts on “Luminess Air Airbrush Makeup System

  1. Miranda says:

    Your skin does look very nice after using it! I have seen airbrush systems before and would love to try them, but I am just not much of a make-up wearer, so I feel like it would probably not get used enough to be worth it. But it looks like it worked nicely for you! Thanks for the review.

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  3. Steffy Joe says:

    OMG! I didn’t know that there is a kit for this. Its simply amazing. And it turns my skin into a new born one. I am just loving it. Thanks Molly for sharing this.

  4. Kim says:

    I just got the Luminess Legend Airbrush System and I’m really happy with it except that the trigger doesn’t seem to work properly. As soon as the compressor is turned on, the stylus begins to spray immediately with one single intensity until it is turned off or empty. As a result, I have no control of the level of spray coming out. Why does it do that and how can I fix it?

    • Molly says:

      Oh no, that doesn’t sound good! You should be able to move the trigger back and forth in order to control the intensity. Maybe yours is stuck? I would reach out to Luminess Air and see what they say!

  5. Laura says:

    I have only tried the aeroblend airbrush makeup kit so far..I still need to perfect it though ..Nice to see you have good results with the Luminess ..

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