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Luminess AirA few months ago, I got to try an airbrush makeup system from Luminess Air. I was initially a little wary of trying airbrush makeup because I thought it would be super difficult and messy to use. I was pleasantly surprised when the Luminess Air system was really easy to use and gave me great results. I loved how light the makeup felt on my face and I really liked how easy it was to customize the makeup- I could mix different colors together to get the perfect shade and I could even add highlighter or bronzer to my foundation for a different look. Needless to say, I was thrilled when Luminess Air asked me to try their new Luminess Air Mystic Airbrush Foundation.

Luminess Air MysticI received a bunch of new products to try along with the Luminess Air Mystic Foundation. First I used the Fotoset Face Primer which is a little different than the last primer from Luminess Air that I tried. This one comes in a pump and has a lotion-like consistency. It’s applied with fingers or a brush, not the airbrush system. It felt really nice on my face and I liked how it was slightly moisturizing. I also tried the Luminess Air Airbrush Concealer in Ivory. The concealer is used with the airbrush machine. I applied it before the foundation to add a little extra coverage under my eyes. I used the Luminess Air Airbrush Translucent Finishing Powder after I applied all my makeup to set it and reduce shine. I liked how the finishing powder contained a built-in brush and it felt really nice on my skin. I’d be careful applying this for special events though- you don’t want any flashback in pictures!

Luminess Air Mystic Airbrush FoundationI received two different shades of the Luminess Air Mystic Airbrush Foundation– Shade 2 and Shade 3. I’m pretty close to Shade 2 but it can be a little too light if I apply a couple of layers. I usually end up using about six or seven drops of Shade 2 with two or three drops of Shade 3 mixed in. I love how I can customize my shade if I get more sun or as the seasons change. It’s so easy to mix different colors in the airbrush machine without making a big mess. The Luminess Air Mystic Finish Foundation is their highest coverage foundation but it still feels lightweight and breathable. It’s supposed to be a primer, concealer, corrector, and foundation all in one and although it does have more coverage and gives me a flawless finish, it still looks very natural.

Luminess Air MascaraI also got to try the Luminess Air Airbrush Lip Gloss. This lip gloss comes in a click pen package which I’m not fond of. It’s also a pearly white color so on it’s own I don’t find it very flattering but it looks pretty layered over bright lipsticks. I did really like the Luminess Air Infinity Long-Wear Mascara. It separated my lashes really well and gave me a great natural look. I usually like mascaras with a bit more impact but this looked really pretty on and it lasted all day without smudging.

Luminess Air Mystic Foundation 1I’m pretty happy with all of the products that I received and I really like the Luminess Air Mystic Finish Foundation. It’s got a great finish that feels lightweight and looks natural while still providing good coverage and giving me that airbrush-makeup look. It’s not too matte but it’s not very dewy either, which I usually prefer. It’s a great “throw on and don’t think about it foundation.” I still prefer the Silk Finish Foundation from Luminess Air because it gives me a dewier look but this one is pretty nice too.

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I received these products from Luminess Air in exchange for my honest review.

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  1. Betty Andol says:

    I am currently using Silk with a older airbrush system. I am 62 so yes I have loads of wrinkles that make me very uncomfortable and unhappy. When applying regular makeup that I spend a small fortune for at the E.L. Counter I always think ok this new product will be the one that makes my wrinkles less visible but no that’s never the case, I spend more and they seem to look worse. I am really interested in the new Mystic Luminess series to see if I get better coverage with less settling in fine lines and wrinkles. I also would be interested in becoming a consultant for Luminess. All my friends always ask me to do there makeup for special events so this could be a good fit for me. Thank you for sharing your story.

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