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marche_artisan_foods1I have to admit, brunch is my kind of meal. Well actually, I like breakfast a lot but early mornings are not really my thing. Now being able to sleep in and still get breakfast foods when I wake up? Whoever came up with this whole brunch concept is a genius in my book. When Stacie and I were in Nashville we researched several places to have Sunday brunch but we ended up at Marché Artisan Foods. Like every other restaurant we ate at during my trip, it only took about 10 minutes to get to but the wait was an hour, and apparently no one in Nashville has heard of reservations. Still, the food was really good and the atmosphere was nice so I’m glad we went.

marche_artisan_foods5Marché was a cute place full of light and energy. The tables were marble and water was served in a carafe but the prices were reasonable. The brunch menu changes often and each day’s options are different (for example our Sunday brunch had a different menu than Saturday’s). I can see why people would make this their regular brunch spot.

marche_artisan_foods4I ordered the sweet crepes which were a cookies and cream flavor the day we went. They were a little different than other crepes I’ve had but they were still really tasty. They almost seemed like they were fried a little and the filling was completely encased in each crepe. Powdered sugar was dusted over the top. The filling was really good- it tasted like Oreos and there was plenty of it. I would definitely eat these again and I would love to try some of their other sweet flavors.

marche_artisan_foods2I also had Noble blood orange juice to drink. It was pretty good but a little tart. Next time I’ll probably order sparkling cider because I’m fancy like that. Their tea selection also looked really nice.

marche_artisan_foods6Stacie ordered the scrambled eggs, Gruyere cheese grits, and applewood bacon meal. She has become addicted to cheese grits after spending so much time in Kentucky and Tennessee for work. She also thought everything was really good and perfectly cooked.

marche_artisan_foods7We also ordered a chocolate croissant that we ended up taking with us as a snack for on the plane. It was also really tasty. There was enough chocolate to satisfy my sweet tooth and the croissant was soft and flaky.

marche_artisan_foodsStacie was really happy with our choice of brunch spots and now she really wants to move to Nashville so she can make this her weekly spot.

marche_artisan_foods_brunch1The food at Marché Artisan Foods was really good and the atmosphere was also a lot of fun (although they really should take reservations). I would definitely go back, if only to see if their other flavors of crepes can top the cookies and cream ones.



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