Melon Nails with Essie

melonnails9Now that spring is here and temperatures are warming up (seriously, it’s been in the nineties here), I am craving bright colors, and that extends to my nails. Usually, Easter is the time for pastels, but I like something that packs a little more of a punch. To me, spring calls for bright corals and oranges, not soft purples and yellows. After all of the black and gray I wear during winter, intense brights are just the thing I need. I’ve already pulled out my coral lipsticks but my nails needed some color as well.

melonnails1The problem? Which color to use! I’m a fan of Essie’s lighter creme polishes and I just had too many options to choose from. I finally narrowed it down to three: Tart Deco, a brightened peach, Off the Shoulder, a bright-but-not-neon pink, and Cute as a Button, my absolute favorite pinky/orangey/red coral (see the full review I did here). The obvious choice was Cute as a Button (after all, it is one of my favorite polishes), but seeing these colors together made me so happy that I decided to use all three.

melonnails3I used two coats of each, and applied Tart Deco to my index finger, Off the Shoulder to my ring and pinky fingers, and Cute as a Button to my thumb and middle finger. I really like using Essie polishes because the brushes are smaller than most brands, so they’re easier to apply without making a mess. The polish seems to take a little longer to dry than other brands, but the colors are beautiful and two coats is all you need for perfect coverage.

melonnails4Look at how colorful and fun this mani is! Seriously, I can’t stop looking at my nails, they are so bright and cheerful!

melonnails5Essie polishes wear pretty well on me and I love how the bright, opaque cream polishes really stand out. I usually wear Cute as a Button a lot on its own during spring and summer but I am so excited to keep pairing it with Tart Deco and Off the Shoulder. I’m looking forward to trying different variations of this mani.

melonnails6As much as I loved the polishes on their own, I wanted to try out the Neon Nail Dips that I got from Julep awhile ago. The Neon Nail Dips are basically small pots of colored sand that you dip your wet fingernails into. They add a fun, sandy texture to the nails. I didn’t want a full textured mani, but I thought the color of the sand would be a nice complement to my melon nails.

melonnails7I applied some topcoat to the bottom half of my ring finger and dipped it into the sand to add a textured accent nail. It was pretty messy but the completed nail looked nicer than I thought it would. Since you don’t add a topcoat after the sand, I thought it would fall off or look strange after washing my hands. It actually held up pretty well.

melonnails8I liked the look of my mani with the Neon Nail Dips, but I’m not sure I could handle having all of my nails covered. Still, it was kind of fun and it lasted two days before it started chipping. I just removed the sand and repainted the nail with Off the Shoulder.

What’s on your nails right now?


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12 thoughts on “Melon Nails with Essie

  1. Jessica V. says:

    I am loving all of those shades – I need to get my hands on them! Too bad the northeast is still so cold I haven’t switched to bright colors yet – I’m sitting here in all black, with dark nails lol.

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