Memebox Special #75 Wonder Woman Box

Memebox Special #75 Wonder Woman BoxI’d heard about Memebox off-and-on over the past year, and finally I decided to try it. Memebox is a Korean-based beauty company that sells curated boxes. It’s similar to many of the subscription boxes out there (for the most part, each box is a surprise and you don’t know what products are included when you buy them), but it’s not a subscription. You can choose to buy Memeboxes whenever you want and you never have to cancel. Each box has a theme and contains 4-8 full-sized products and deluxe samples that fit the theme. Like most subscription boxes, they can be hit-or-miss, but if you’re looking for an introduction to Korean beauty products, this is a great place to start.

I first became interested in purchasing a box in late November. Memebox used to release new boxes on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays like clockwork, but for some reason the amount of boxes being released lately has dwindled. I was able to find one box I was interested in trying- the Memebox Special #75 Wonder Woman Box. I purchased the box just after Thanksgiving, it was shipped December 16th, and I received it a few days ago. It cost me $23 plus $6.99 shipping (there is also an expedited shipping option). The description of the box was this:

Yes, we have pores. Yes, we have shadow, and the list of imperfections go on and on. We could all really go for that extra 30 minutes of sleep just about right now, but when time doesn’t allow for extra beauty snooze time, this box full of beauty maximizers will get you from tired and dull-looking to wonderfully gorgeous and healthy-looking with just one use!

Bursting with skincare and makeup strengtheners, and water-proof, sweat-proof, fight-proof, and FOOL-PROOF makeup and multi-taskers, people will really get wondering about how you look so, so good despite lack of sleep and all. While most of us won’t be fighting crime and evil anytime soon like Wonder Woman, let us triumph over daily evils – late-night working, past midnight studying, baby-watching, and ahem, partying – and celebrate everyday with the real Wonder Women of the world – YOU!

Memebox Special #75 Wonder Woman BoxFirst of all, the packaging is super cute. My Memebox arrived in a bright pink bubble mailer with this bright pink box inside. I can see why people love getting these in the mail.

Memebox Special #75 Wonder Woman BoxThe items were packaged with tissue paper so that nothing got broken while in transit. My Memebox Special #75 Wonder Woman Box contained 6 items- 4 full-sized products and 2 deluxe samples of a cleanser.

Memebox Special #75 Wonder Woman BoxEach Memebox includes a card with product descriptions, prices, and usage information. If a product is expiring soon, they make a note on the card. Since most of the labels are in Korean, I found it very useful to have pictures of the items along with “how to use” notes for each product.

Memebox Special #75 Wonder Woman BoxMy Memebox Special #75 Wonder Woman Box contained a Clio Gel Presso Waterproof Pastel Upper Liner, a Benenet Diamond Illuminator Ampoule, a Vivito Dual Magic Multi Concealer Highlighter, a ProYou Aroma AC Roll On, and two deluxe samples of Dr. Young Pore Syok-Syok Cleansing Gel.

Memebox Special #75 Wonder Woman BoxMy first item was the Clio Gel Presso Waterproof Pastel Upper Liner in 05 The Groupies (each box contained the same color). This was one of my full-sized products and is valued at $14 (although Memebox seems a little generous in their pricing). I was really excited to get this product in my box. I’m a big eyeliner fan, and I especially love colored eyeliners. Upper liners are colored eyeliners that are supposed to be worn above black eyeliner for a pop of color. They are a fun way to incorporate color into a makeup look, and I love using matte pastel colors above black.

Memebox Special #75 Wonder Woman BoxUnfortunately, the color included is a reddish-brown. I’m not really sure how brown is considered a pastel (maybe that was something lost in translation?). This is definitely not a color I would use for an upper liner look. However, I do wear brown eyeliner on occasion and I don’t have anything similar to this. This eyeliner also has great staying power- I swatched it on my arm, took some pictures, and went to wash it off a few minutes later. I had to use makeup remover and really scrub to get it off.

Memebox Special #75 Wonder Woman BoxThe second item from my Memebox Special #75 Wonder Woman Box was the Benenet Diamond Illuminator Ampoule, also a full-sized product valued at $38. Ampoules are basically lighter, more concentrated versions of serums. This Benenet version contains diamond and pearl powder and is supposed to control excess oil, enhance skin’s elasticity, provide moisture, and brighten the skin.

Memebox Special #75 Wonder Woman BoxThe directions weren’t very clear for this, but it is to be used after you wash your face and before you use your moisturizer. I am really excited about this product. I currently don’t have a serum and this ampoule feels so nice and light. Plus, I love anything with diamond and pearl- it makes me feel fancy. :)

Memebox Special #75 Wonder Woman BoxThe third item in my box was the Vivito Dual Magic Multi Concealer Highlighter, another full-sized product, valued at $38. What is it with the impossibly long product names in this box? This is the product in my box that contained the expiration information (it is best before November 19th, 2015). I appreciate that Memebox included that, so I’ll be sure to start using this right away.

Memebox Special #75 Wonder Woman BoxThis is a two-in-one concealer. One side contains a stick concealer to cover small imperfections. The other side contains a liquid concealer/highlighter for under eye areas.

Memebox Special #75 Wonder Woman BoxI don’t use much concealer, but I really like this product. I find that I need different concealer consistencies for different things, so it’s nice to have options with only using one product. Luckily, the shade included is a pretty good match for me. The stick concealer has a peach tint for covering up redness and I only need a tiny bit of the liquid. The first time I used it I had serious “too-light concealer undereyes,” so I will be using this sparingly. It’s really nice as a subtle highlighter on other parts of the face.

Memebox Special #75 Wonder Woman BoxThe fourth product in my Memebox Special #75 Wonder Woman Box was the ProYou Aroma AC Roll On, another full-sized product valued at $12. This is a blend of essential oils that treats problem spots and blemishes. This isn’t something I will get much use out of, but I really like the packaging. I think a roll on is a quick, easy way to use this product. It smells very strongly of lavender, so if you’re sensitive to that, this isn’t for you.

Memebox Special #75 Wonder Woman BoxMy final product was the Dr. Young Pore Syok-Syok Cleansing Gel. I received two deluxe samples of this, with a combined value of $5.60. I really like gel cleansers and I’ve heard so many great things about Korean skincare, so I can’t wait to try this. The deluxe samples are pretty decent sizes, so I’ll be able to tell how well it works for me.

Memebox Special #75 Wonder Woman BoxOverall, I’m really happy with my Memebox Special #75 Wonder Woman Box, although I wish the eyeliner was a different shade (an actual pastel color would have been nice). I wouldn’t have picked out any of these products on my own, but I will use them and it is a nice introduction to the world of Korean beauty. The value of the Memebox Special #75 Wonder Woman Box (according to Memebox) was $107.60 and I paid $29.99, so it was a good value. When I think of Wonder Woman, I don’t think of these products, but they fit the Memebox description well.

Have you tried Memebox before? Do you have any favorite Korean beauty products?


5 thoughts on “Memebox Special #75 Wonder Woman Box

  1. Ling says:

    It’s been a while since I’ve ordered any memeboxes, but I found them to be hit and miss. When there were hits though, they were REALLY good.

    • mollyandstacie says:

      They haven’t released many since I first became interested in buying them, but that’s what I’ve heard. When they’re good, they’re really good, but when they are bad they can be truly awful.

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