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winter essential masksMemeboxes are curated boxes that contain a mix of Korean beauty and skincare products. The products are typically a surprise (with the exception of certain boxes and spoilers) and are based around a theme. Unlike subscription boxes, Memeboxes can be purchased at any time, with no contract. Buy as many as you want, whenever you want. I’ve reviewed a couple of Memeboxes before (Wonder Woman and Detox & Renew) and I’ve been mostly happy with them. They’ve been a nice introduction to Korean beauty and skincare and I’ve really liked the products (even though they didn’t always fit the box theme as well as I would like). Since my first Memebox purchase, I’ve slowly expanded into other K-Beauty sales sites and some of my favorite products are masks. I’ve always liked clay and moisturizing masks, and now I really like Korean sheet masks. Over Christmas, Memebox released a set of boxes including Christmas Collection #3 Winter Essential Masks. I missed the box when it was first released but was able to grab it in a restock (and by then I knew exactly what was in it). Winter Essential Masks cost me $23 plus $6.99 shipping. The description was:

The winter season is the most festive time of the year, filled with holiday parties and homeward travels. While winter wonderland may be all fun and games for the mind and soul, it’s not the same story for the skin!

During the winter season, your skin needs more lovin’, especially with the constant switching between moisture-sucking indoor heating to frigid cold outdoor temperatures. The harsh environment leaves skin dull, flaky, and as dry-as-a-desert. No matter how much makeup and moisturizer you slather onto your face, when skin cells are dehydrated and malnourished, no amount of highlighter or luminizer will bring back that radiance.  

Fret not, because your winter skin care solution is right here. This box, full of winter’s essential masks, caters to all winter skincare needs. Each mask is formulated with unique potent ingredients designed to nourish the skin cells and instantly restore lost radiance. Hydrate, renew, and revitalize the skin for noticeably smoother, velvety, younger-looking skin! 

memebox_winter_essential_masks1Look at how bright and colorful everything is! This was definitely my favorite Memebox to open. I already love the bright pink packaging Memeboxes come in, but to see all those bright colors on the inside was really fun. I received six different products in my box (since this was a mask box, Memebox counted multiple masks from the same brand as one item). My box contained: three Velieve Girlish Masks, a Rire Patting Water Pack, an Inoface Real Natural Pulp Essence Sheet Mask, an Esthetic House Collagen Jelly Mask Pack, a 4-pack of Lassie’el Raspberry Age Defying Yogurt Massage Masks, and two Pure Smile Bubble Masks.

winter essential masks cardUnlike the previous boxes I’ve received, this one did not contain a card detailing what was in the box. Instead, Memebox created an electronic card, which is really just a link to a webpage with descriptions of the products. I prefer having the paper card because I don’t have to go online if I want to see how to use a product. Luckily, the use of electronic cards seems to be sporadic and most boxes still contain paper cards. Also, the electronic card makes it look like you are getting way more products than you actually are.

memebox_winter_essential_masks2The first products in the box were a trio of Velieve Girlish Masks (randomly selected from Collagen Lifting, Honey Moisture, Vita Shining, Aloe Soothing). I received Collagen Lifting, Vita Shining, and Honey Moisture. I was really happy with the three I received and was even happier that there weren’t repeats (some people received multiples of the same mask). Each mask is designed to treat in a specific way (by lifting, brightening, or moisturizing the skin). You remove each mask from its packet and place it over your face for 15-20 minutes. Then you take it off and pat the remaining essence into your skin. I really like sheet masks because they are relaxing and a quick way to treat your skin. Plus, these ones have really cute packaging, which is always great. I loved the feel of the honey mask and it really did moisturize my skin really well. The fit was pretty good and there was plenty of essence on the mask (and some extra in the package). I can’t wait to try the other two! Retail value for the three masks is $7.

memebox_winter_essential_masks5I also received a container of Rire Patting Water (randomly selected from Lifting, Brightening, Moisture). I was really hoping to get Brightening or Moisture so of course I received Lifting. I’ve heard good things about other brands of patting waters, so I was excited to try this one out, even though I would have preferred one of the other types. Patting water packs are designed to balance skin’s PH level and remove dead skin cells to make skin smoother and clearer. Lifting contains evening primrose extracts to tighten and rejuvenate tired skin. Retail value is $42.

memebox_winter_essential_masks11By itself, the Patting Water Pack felt like thick water. It wasn’t sticky or gloopy, and it didn’t run all over the place when I swatched it. To use, you fill a bowl with water and add a capful or two of the patting water. Then you pat it on your face. It’s a weird way to use a product and it bothers me that the instructions aren’t very precise. It’s also very easy to make a mess with this method. As much fun as it was patting the water onto my face, having it run down my arms wasn’t. There was also a lot of product left in the bowl. I wonder if it would be easier to mix in a spray bottle and use as a facial mist (but I’d be wary of how long it would last). The Rire Patting Water Pack felt nice on and it did tighten my face, but not in an overly tight, dry-feeling way. My skin also looked brighter and fresher after using this.

memebox_winter_essential_masks3Next was an Inoface Real Natural Pulp Essence Sheet Mask (randomly selected from Snail, Q10, Collagen, Aloe). I really like sheet masks so I was happy to see quite a few in this box, but I wish more than one of these was included. Sheet masks are so inexpensive- they really shouldn’t count as one product. I received Q10 in my box. Q10 contains a mix of ingredients to soothe, moisturize, and firm the face and it’s suitable for all skin types. As I’ve said, I love sheet masks, so I’m always happy to have another, and this one looks nice (although Snail would have been more fun. What exactly is Q10 anyway?). Retail value is $2.

memebox_winter_essential_masks6Compared to the other items in this box, the Esthetic House Collagen Jelly Mask Pack is the least cute. The packaging is white and gray, not bright and colorful like the other items in the box, but it does have a pig on it. This uses pig collagen to firm and tighten skin. This is a leave-on mask that nourishes and moisturizes skin, leaving it looking fresher and tighter. Collagen is supposed to be really good for your skin, so I was interested in trying this. Retail value is $12.

memebox_winter_essential_masks9This mask looks really gross. It’s chunky and jello-ish but watery at the same time, and it’s a weird tan/gray color. It kind of “bounces” when you touch it but it feels very wet. Luckily, it smells a lot better than it looks- slightly sweet and fruity. There is a slight ick factor to this product but it also fascinates me at the same time. This mask is made from collagen peptides extracted from pork rinds but it’s a kind of grossness that I can use (unlike donkey oils/milks that are used in Korean skincare but really freak me out).

memebox_winter_essential_masks10This mask is definitely chunky at first, but it melts into the skin as you put it on. The Collagen Jelly Pack is a leave-on mask. I’ve been using it at night over my serum and moisturizer (or sometimes instead of my moisturizer). This mask hydrates my skin really well and it’s great for dry winter months but should still be light enough for summer. I didn’t notice any tightening, but my skin did look nicer.

memebox_winter_essential_masks7The next product was a 4-pack of the Lassie’el Raspberry Age Defying Yogurt Massage Mask. Massage masks are massaged into the skin for several minutes and then washed off. These are designed to exfoliate and replenish the skin. The Lassie’el masks contain raspberry and collagen extracts to reduce wrinkles and revive dry skin. I received four masks and each container holds more than enough for one use (I can probably get about three uses out of each). A lid is included so the mask doesn’t dry out before your next use. How convenient! This is another mask I’m happy to have. I like raspberries and yogurt, so why wouldn’t I like this? Retail value is $6.

memebox_winter_essential_masks13The yogurt mask is also a little chunky at first but it smooths out as you massage it in. The raspberry smell is slightly artificial- it’s not bad, just a little too sweet. I’m still a little unclear on how to use massage masks. Do you massage them in, let them sit for a few minutes, and then wash them off? Or do you massage them into your skin for several minutes and then rinse? Massaging the whole time seems a little excessive to me, so I usually just rub them in and let them sit. This mask felt really nice on my face. It added a lot of moisture and made my skin look nice and dewy. These are great for dry winter skin.

memebox_winter_essential_masks4The final item in the box was a set of Pure Smile masks- one in Jewelry Bubble Ruby and one in Pure Bubble Royal Jelly. These are wash-off facial masks that bubble up as you massage them on. They are made using ruby and royal jelly extracts. The Jewelry Bubble Ruby pack soothes and replenishes skin using ruby powder, green tea, hyaluronic acid, aloe vera leaf, glycerin, vitamin E, and portulaca extracts. The Pure Bubble Royal Jelly pack uses 40 kinds of vitamins and minerals to deeply cleanse skin. I’m really interested in trying a bubble mask so I liked seeing these in the box. Retail value is $2.

bubble maskI tried the Pure Bubble Royal Jelly mask first. This was a very interesting mask to use. It’s a slightly messy cream-ish mask that turns into foam when it makes contact with skin. It was hard to get this mask on before it started to bubble. The bubbling mask felt a little funny on my face- it was a little ticklish and you could hear it foaming up. This mask was a lot of fun to use and it did clean my skin really well. There was enough product in the package for two masks but I scooped it out with my fingers so the rest of the mask bubbled up in the package (oops). If you want to get more than one use out of this, use a spatula to get the product out.

memebox_winter_essential_masks8This is probably my favorite Memebox I’ve gotten. Although the value of the products in this box aren’t as high as some of the others, I am really excited about what I got. For $29.99, I received $71 worth of products. As a mask fan, I’m really happy with the variety of masks in this box. I already knew I loved sheet masks and now I have a bunch of other types of masks to use. I love every product in this box and they are definitely items I will be able to use up. I only hope Memebox releases more mask boxes like these in the future (and that they are priced well, unlike the US boxes they’ve released so far). I’m sad that I got into Memebox at a time when they weren’t releasing many boxes, and now they have stopped shipping globally and prices have gone up. Hopefully awesome Memeboxes will return and I’ll be able to discover some new Korean products.


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