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Julep CaitlinI haven’t done a mani post lately so I thought I would show you guys a few of my latest looks. During winter I usually switch between dark berries and super glittery looks but this winter has been a little different. It seems like it’s been warmer than usual (although it’s still a little too cold for me) so I haven’t really been feeling dark, vampy colors. Instead, I’ve been loving bright pinks like Julep Caitlin in between my glittery manis.

Julep CaitlinJulep Caitlin is one of my favorite bright pinks. It’s a hot pink that leans warm and it has a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it gold shimmer. Julep Caitlin has a bit of a rubbery finish that is in between a matte and satin polish but I prefer to wear it with a glossy topcoat. I love this bright pink during summer but it’s been the perfect color for me this winter. Since I’ve been wearing lots of black and gray, Caitlin gives my outfits the perfect pop of color. It’s a great formula that easily lasts a week, which is about when I want to switch my polish up anyway.

Julep Waleska and OPI 24K Gold It's Real maniIn between my bright pink manis I’ve been using lots of shimmery polishes. One of the latest was Julep Waleska with OPI’s It’s Real 18K Gold Topcoat over it. Waleska is a gorgeous green shimmer that leans just a little blue. It’s a wonderful formula that has a lovely gold glitter in it. I decided to add a little more gold to this look with OPI’s 18K Gold Topcoat. I love the subtle flakes of gold and wearing It’s Real makes me feel so fancy!

Julep Waleska and OPI 24K Gold It's Real maniI mean, can you get any more glamorous than wearing real gold on your nails? This mani held up really well for me as well, which was great because I loved looking at it! I’m currently back to another hot pink but I’m trying to decide what colors I want to wear next!

What colors have you been wearing lately?


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2 thoughts on “Nails Lately

  1. Megan Ayres says:

    That shimmery green nail polish is so pretty! Though I hate taking off glitter polish, it’s always much more work lol I’m always a fan of wearing bright nail colours throughout the winter!

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