NARS Barbarella Lipstick

nars_barbarella2In the past, NARS has not been one of my go-to brands. I have always heard good things about the brand but it didn’t stand out for me. It wasn’t luxe like Dior or Yves Saint Laurent, and it wasn’t fun like Stila or Urban Decay. However, I’ve received samples for several of their products and I’ve always been impressed with the results. So much so that I’ve been seeking out new things to try. I really like their lip pencils (see my reviews for Dragon Girl and Luxembourg) and I’ve also grown fond of their lipsticks, especially their sheer formulas (like Roman Holiday). I lean towards peaches and oranges during warmer months so when I wanted a new shade, I turned to NARS. The NARS Barbarella Lipstick is a sheer peach, and it looked like the perfect new shade to me.

nars_barbarellaI used to hate NARS packaging but now I’ve grown to love the minimalistic look. Sure, there aren’t any bright colors, fun pictures, or metallics, but it looks really sleek.

nars_barbarella1The matte black packaging is a nice departure from all of the colored lipstick tubes in my drawer. It makes it easier to find my NARS lipsticks and it also feels less gimicky than some brands. This is more about buying a quality product than something with cute packaging.

nars_barbarella4One thing NARS does have is fun names for their products. Barbarella is obviously named after the movie (and the character). She does wear a peachy shade of lipstick throughout the movie, so it’s a fitting name for this slightly mod shade.

nars_barbarella3NARS Barbarella is one of their sheer shades. Unlike a lot of sheer lipsticks that are really just lip balms with pigment, the version from NARS actually feels and wears like a normal lipstick. It’s actually a translucent formula that contains suspended color pigments. This doesn’t hold up as well as the semi-matte version of their lipstick that I own, but it still lasts for several hours on me.

nars_barbarella5NARS lipsticks are creamy and even the sheer shades have a good amount of pigment. Barbarella is a nice sheer peach with one coat and it is easy to apply more to get a more intense shade. These lipsticks contain vitamin E to help them last longer. They also have conditioners to help smooth and hydrate lips.

nars_barbarella6Barbarella is a really pretty sheer peach. This is a true peach, unlike a lot of shades that can lean too pink or yellow. Even though it is a sheer formula, it still gives a good amount of color and shine.

nars_barbarella8I really liked the look of Barbarella but unfortunately it didn’t really work for me. Barbarella is a pretty warm, pale peach but it washed me out. This made my lips and skin look too similar to each other and it was not a good look. I still really like the color of Barbarella, but I think it would look better with a tan. This felt really nice on my lips and I really liked the formula and wear time, but I couldn’t pull off the shade. NARS Barbarella Lipstick is $27 here.


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  1. lillian franco says:

    i have being wearing Barbella for years. it funny you say only with a tan. Its so true. i wear it only in the summer. I also love the shade Manhunt also. oved your review

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