Nashville Farmers’ Market

For my Sunday Funday this past weekend I decided to finally checkout the Nashville Farmers’ Market! The NFM is open almost everyday of the year and has a pretty large area for vendors! Much bigger than the Sunday farmers market I used to go to in LA! The Nashville Farmers’ Market has an indoor area with permanent restaurants and then there are sheds on both sides (one for the farmers’ market and the other side is for crafts/flea market).

With it being towards the end of “growing season” and a rainy Sunday afternoon, there wasn’t a ton of vendors there but there was still plenty of options especially for pumpkins!

I ended up buying a few small pumpkins to decorate the kitchen table and then some apples. It was fun to wander around and see what all the options were.

Nashville Farmers' MarketSo many cute pumpkins!

Nashville Farmers' MarketSpotted just a few apples

Nashville Farmers' MarketQuite the variety!

Nashville Farmers' MarketSooo many bell peppers!

I’m glad I finally made it to the Nashville Farmers’ Market! I could see myself becoming a regular – it’s nice to be able to help out the local farmers/community and it even seemed more affordable than the local grocery stores!


5 thoughts on “Nashville Farmers’ Market

  1. Lisa Favre says:

    Perfect shades for Halloween! You’re right though, these colors have been so in style for the past year or so. I’ve been obsessing over oranges and corals and it took me a few tries before I found a really good one (I wanted to make sure that they didn’t make my teeth look too yellow).

    Stay fab,
    Lisa Favre

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