Nashville Trip Snapshots

Nashville trip

{Brunch at MarchΓ© Artisan Foods}

Since Stacie has fallen in love with Nashville (seriously, it’s all she ever talks about), I figured I needed to see what the big deal was. After she finished her recent work in Bowling Green, I flew out and met her for a weekend in Nashville. I was really surprised with how much there was to do. Luckily, the city itself is pretty small so we were able to do pretty much everything on our list in the two-and-a-half days I was there. We will have more comprehensive posts detailing everything we did, but for now, here are some snapshots of our Nashville trip.

nashville_the_parthenon{Visiting the Parthenon}

nashville_the_frothy_monkey{Grabbing a chai tea at The Frothy Monkey Coffeehouse}

nashville_i_believe{We ran into not one, but two I Believe in Nashville murals}

nashville_jenis{Tasting different ice-cream flavors at Jeni’s}

nashville_centennial_park{Visiting Nashville’s Bicentennial Capitol Mall}

nashville_the_pharmacy{Finishing the evening with burgers and sodas at The Pharmacy}

We had so much fun on our Nashville trip and we can’t wait to share more details with you!

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