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OPI Little NorthiesOPI recently released their fall/winter polishes, called the Nordic Collection. Inspired by the Nordic region (Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, and Norway), the Nordic Collection contains a variety of beautiful colors. The collection has quite a few brown shades, plus a coral, a mint, a silver holographic glitter, and a handful of berry shades. I really like the variety of this collection and even though it contains quite a few brighter colors, they still have a fall/winter feel to them. This is different than a typical fall collection that is made up of warm colors (reds, oranges, yellows), which I am happy about because I much prefer jewel tones and cooler colors. Since I couldn’t decide which colors to get, I decided to pick up the OPI Little Northies set which has four mini polishes from the collection.

OPI Little NorthiesThe OPI Little Northies set comes with four colors: My Dogsled is a Hybrid, Do You Have This Color in Stock-holm?, My Voice is a Little Norse, and How Great is Your Dane?. Each bottle is 1/8 oz (1/4 the size of a regular OPI polish). I like OPI’s mini sets because they are a great way to try a variety of colors without buying a bunch of full-sizes, plus I’ve never finished a larger bottle anyway. Something about the polishes being paired with other colors from the same collection instead of just buying individual polishes one at a time also appeals to me.

OPI Little NorthiesMy Dogsled is a Hybrid is a slightly-muted mint green color. It reminds me a lot of Julep’s Denver. Do You Have This Color in Stock-holm? is a gorgeous bright purple color, much more purple than it appears in photos. None of the swatches I’ve seen do this color justice. For some reason it pulls very blue in photos but it is a true purple color in person. My Voice is a Little Norse is a silver holographic glitter. It can be used as a glitter topcoat or built up and worn on its own. How Great is Your Dane? is a chocolate brown that leans a little green. I was hoping it would be more of a true chocolate color, but it’s not too bad. I was a little disappointed with the formulas of the creme colors, especially Do You Have This Color in Stock-holm?. I was expecting them to be fairly opaque after one coat, like most of OPI’s polishes, but they were a little watery and streaky. Luckily they all evened out with a second coat. I used two coats of each color for the swatches above.

nordic4 copyI wanted to try to use all of the OPI Little Northies colors for one mani. Usually when I get these sets I use two or three colors at a time, but these polishes all look so nice together, I wanted to use all four. I started with Do You Have This Color in Stock-holm? and How Great is Your Dane? for my base colors.

nordic5 copyI then added stripes down the center of How Great is Your Dane? with My Dogsled is a Hybrid. I like that OPI threw in a few brighter shades to this collection. It really helps balance out the darker colors.

nordic6 copy

Finally, I added glitter tips to all of my nails using My Voice is a Little Norse. This is a fun glitter that is fairly densely packed. I like the holographic pieces; they make the polish stand out from every other silver glitter. You can pick up the OPI Little Northies mini set for $13.95 here, or buy full sizes of your favorite colors from the Nordic Collection for $9.50 here.


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