OZ Naturals Ocean Mineral Facial Cleanser

oz naturals ocean mineral facial cleanserCleansers are one of those products that I don’t think much about. Makeup is fun to use and buy and I love skincare products that feel great on my skin and make a noticeable difference but I’m pretty indifferent to facial cleansers. As long as it cleans my face, it’s fine. Or at least that’s how I used to feel until I really started thinking about it. I use so many different cleansers and very rarely buy the same one twice, unless there’s a really good sale. I used to think that’s because they’re all about the same, but now I realize it’s because I’ve never found one that I really love. I recently got the chance to try OZ Naturals Ocean Mineral Facial Cleanser which uses powerful ingredients like rose hip oil and vitamin E to not only cleanse skin but also give it a healthy glow. Would it make me change my mind about facial cleansers?

oz naturals ocean mineral facial cleanser 1OZ Naturals focuses on making high-quality skincare products that use natural and organic ingredients. The OZ Naturals Ocean Mineral Facial Cleanser is cruelty free and doesn’t contain alcohol, parabens, or sulfates. It does contain rose hip oil and vitamin E which effectively dissolve dirt and oil while still being safe for sensitive skin. A blend of over 92 ocean minerals nourish and repair dry and damaged skin. OZ Naturals promises this cleanser will make your skin appear more vibrant after only one use.

oz naturals ocean mineral facial cleanser 2The Ocean Mineral Cleanser was a bit different for me as the gel formula didn’t seem to lather much on my face. I was really happy with how it made my skin look, and it looked noticeably different after only one use, just like they claim. My skin looked bright and clear and this cleanser also gave it a matte look which I really liked. It didn’t give my skin that squeaky clean feeling that I hate but it still took all of my makeup off. My skin was also super soft- it was hard to stop myself from touching it every few seconds! I was really surprised that I noticed such a big difference in my skin from a cleanser but there were a couple of downsides. The smell wasn’t that great and this burned my eyes quite a bit when I washed off my eye makeup. Still, I was impressed with how good my skin looked and I will definitely use this bottle up. It’s a little pricey compared to some cleansers but you only need a tiny bit and I think the skincare benefits make it totally worth the price. Will I buy this again? I think the pros outweigh the cons and I really liked the matte look and how soft and vibrant it made my skin. OZ Naturals Ocean Mineral Facial Cleanser is $22.49 here.


I received this cleanser for free in exchange for my honest review.

22 thoughts on “OZ Naturals Ocean Mineral Facial Cleanser

  1. Claudia says:

    This is really interesting and i agree with ylu in terms of never finding a cleanser that really made a difference. I will definitely have a further look into this one :)

    Claudia | www maximalista.co uk

  2. Megan T. says:

    I love OZ Naturals and have tried a lot of their products! I can’t wait to get my sample of this cleanser from them— especially after reading your review! You pictures also like so colorful & bright! Great post :)

  3. Brigette Ramos says:

    Enjoyed reading this post. I’ve read about OZ Naturals products and I’ve heard nothing but amazing things about it. I’ll definitely be on the lookout for this to try in the near future. xo

  4. Victoria Taft says:

    Oh man, I’ve tried and hated several of Oz Natural’s products before, I actually turned them down to review this product. Now I’m wondering if I should have given them one more chance?

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