Pancake Pantry and BookManBookWoman

pancake_pantryWhen Stacie invited me to Nashville, I only had two things I wanted to do: try to find some Consider The Wldflwrs jewelry (which was a success) and get some breakfast at Pancake Pantry. Stacie had written about the restaurant before and it sounded so good that I had to try it for myself. When we arrived there was a line halfway down the building. Stacie was nice enough to wait in line while I went to BookManBookWoman, a book store across the street.

bookman_bookwomanBookManBookWoman carries new and used books. It’s a very small space that contains over 100,000 books. I’m a big reader and while I buy most of my books from Amazon because I like the cheaper prices, I still love browsing bookstores.

bookman_bookwoman1I have to admit, BookManBookWoman was a little overwhelming. The space was very small and the aisles were really only suited for one person at a time. Every corner was filled with books. The shelves were double stacked and books were crammed in wherever they would fit.

bookman_bookwoman2The top shelves were filled with older collectible volumes while the rest contained newer and current titles. I would have liked to pick up a couple of books but to be honest, I wasn’t really sure where to start. Usually I browse bookstores and look for titles that stand out to me but there were so many choices here that it was really hard to narrow it down. BookManBookWoman would be a great place to go if you had something in mind or were looking for something special, but the atmosphere wasn’t very conducive to my way of buying books. Still, it was fun to visit and it helped kill some time before breakfast.

pancake_pantry1Once we made it in to Pancake Pantry, the service was pretty fast. The restaurant looked like a local diner and it was packed with people. There really were a lot of pancake varieties to choose from- I wasn’t really sure where to start! I decided to split an order so I could try a couple of different flavors.

pancake_pantry2First I tried the Swedish Pancakes. These thin, crepe-style pancakes were more dense than regular pancakes but thicker and heartier than crepes. They were filled with lingonberry preserves and topped with powdered sugar. The Swedish Pancakes were served with lingonberry butter and a lemon wedge. These were really good. I liked the texture of the pancakes and the lingonberry preserves were the perfect mix of tangy and sweet. I would definitely get these again!

pancake_pantry3For my second flavor, I got the Banana Bread Pancakes. They are made with banana bread batter that is just poured and cooked like a pancake. They are topped with pecans, powdered sugar, and butter. These were also really good. I love banana bread and I really liked it in pancake form. I would also get these again.

pancake_pantry4Stacie ordered the Cherry Supreme Pancakes, which I of course had to try. They were rolled pancakes filled and topped with cherry compote. Homemade whipped cream and powdered sugar finished the dish. These pancakes were fluffy and also really good. I’m not a big cherry fan but I still really liked these and the homemade whipped cream was a great touch!

I was really happy (and full!) after our visit to Pancake Pantry. All of the pancakes I tried were amazing and they were definitely worth the wait. Stacie needs to move to Nashville so I can visit and eat here again! Next on my list? The Parisienne and Sweet Potato Pancakes sound pretty good!


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