Pisa Italy

After our adventure in Cinque Terra we headed to Pisa for a quick trip – we stayed just one night and left by noon the next day. Even though it was such a short stop in Pisa it was enough time to see the city and of course check out the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

We arrived at our hotel early evening the first night. About two thirds of the group walked to a nearby pizza restaurant to grab a bite while the rest of us decided to head into the city to explore and have a quick dinner. We were only staying about a 10 minute taxi ride out of the city. That taxi ride was my first experience with Italian drivers – lets just say it was a crazy ride and just the beginning! The little I saw of Pisa was quite pretty. There was a river that seemed to run right through town and added to the beauty of the city. Once we were dropped off, the group, about 10 of us, started to wander through the town in search of a restaurant for dinner. We ended up in a little square that had a few different restaurants with tons of outdoor seating. Even though it was close to 10 pm the square was so lively and filled with people. The restaurant we ended up at only had a few outdoor seats available so the group had to split up – half went inside to eat and the other half stayed outside. I stayed with the group outside which made for some fun people watching.

Our dinner at the restaurant was amazing! It was definitely one of my top 3 meals of the trip. I ordered the fettuccine al pomodoro which was just fettuccine noodles with an amazing tomato sauce. That pasta was seriously soooo good! The noodles were a perfect al dente and the sauce was great! I could eat that meal everyday! Even after all the pasta we ordered dessert. The table ordered a chocolate lava cake to share and then we were going to order another dessert of cookies and sweet wine to share but the waitress suggested we each get our own. When it arrived we realized one would have been plenty for us to share. The dessert came with a small glass of sweet wine and about 5 cookies which you were supposed to dip into the the wine before eating. It was good but very strong.

Pasta in Pisa Italy

The next morning we set off to see the Leaning Tower of Pisa. We were given about two hours at the tower to take the traditional photos of the tower and to have lunch. It was fun trying to take the perfect picture holding up the tower. It definitely takes some skill to get the photo right! We had enough time to grab a quick lunch of pasta (I surprisingly had salad – I was craving vegetables at that point) and then we had to meet back up with our group to head to Florence. Pisa was a nice stop during our trip to kinda relax and get ready for Florence.

Leaning Tower of Pisa

Leaning Tower of Pisa

– Stacie

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