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RocksboxJewelry is one of my favorite things to buy. I love how a statement piece or even a few delicate necklaces can really transform a look. I think it’s so fun to pick up a few inexpensive pieces to try out and I really love taking my time to find a nicer piece that’s just perfect and has a sentimental meaning behind it. My jewelry addiction can be a bit of a problem though as I tend to hold on to far too many pieces that I don’t wear anymore! My jewelry box is constantly overflowing and as I’ve gotten older, I’ve really started appreciating nicer jewelry that doesn’t tarnish after a couple of wears so unfortunately my love of jewelry can end up costing a pretty penny. I recently got to try Rocksbox, a subscription jewelry rental box which seemed to solve a lot of my jewelry woes.

Rocksbox 1I have a confession to make, I’d heard of Rocksbox before but I wasn’t really convinced I needed it. For $19 a month, you get a box with three jewelry pieces that you can wear as much as you want or send back at anytime to get a new box. If you really love a piece, you can keep it and you will be charged for it once your box is returned. I wasn’t sold on the idea of renting jewelry but once I received my first box, something clicked and I totally “got it.” Rocksbox is a way to try out a bunch of fun jewelry without having to buy it all! If you like a piece, wear it as much as you want or buy it at a discount! Plus, each month you get an extra $10 of “Shine Spend” that you can use for any of the jewelry from your box. You might find out you’re not really into statement necklaces or you might learn that you love bangles. It’s a great way to test out new jewelry or refresh your wardrobe without spending a lot of money and filling up your jewelry box with items you might not wear in a few months.

Rocksbox JewelryMy first Rocksbox was super fun! I added a bunch of items to my wishlist and then a stylist curated a box just for me based on my jewelry personality. Once I received my box, I was able to leave feedback on the items so my stylist will be able to better help me in the future. I loved all of the items in my first box: the Pave Pendant Necklace from Sophie Harper, the Crown Ear Climbers from Luv AJ, and the Geometric Diamond Ring from Slate, all in coordinating yellow gold.

Rocksbox Necklace and Ring 1I had a lot of fun wearing the Slate Geometric Ring. It was such a statement piece and I really liked it but I’m glad I received this in my Rocksbox instead of buying it! I loved wearing this around for a few days but then I was ready to move on to something else, it was just a little to big for every day. I absolutely loved the Sophie Harper Pave Pendant Necklace though. It was dainty enough to be worn with everything and I loved the longer length and pave detailing. I ended up purchasing this necklace. With the Rocksbox discount and my Shine Spend, I saved enough to cover the box subscription price (and I still got to try out a bunch of other jewelry)!

Rocksbox Earring and RingI was really excited to get the Luv AJ Crown Ear Climbers in my Rocksbox. I’ve been wanting to try some ear climbers but wasn’t sure if I would like them enough to justify buying them. I’m so glad I got to try them out in my box, I ended up not liking them very much! I loved the design but the posts were really thick and I had a lot of trouble actually getting them in my ears. Once they were on, they pinched my ears a lot. They were super uncomfortable and I’m glad I didn’t have to buy any to find that out!

I loved my first Rocksbox and I am completely sold on the idea now. I think my first box was perfect because it covered all of the benefits of renting jewelry: I found a ring that I really liked wearing for a few days but then was ready to try something new, I found a necklace that I loved and was able to buy it at a pretty big discount (about half off), and I found out I’m just not into ear climbers so I don’t need to waste any money on them. I’ve already returned my first box and my second should be here soon (I mailed mine back on Friday and my new box was shipped on Monday so the turnaround time is pretty fast). I definitely recommend Rocksbox and I’m so glad I was able to try it, I might be addicted now!

You can try your first month of Rocksbox for FREE, just enter the promo code mollybbff294 when you sign up at Rocksbox!


I received this month of Rocksbox for free in exchange for my honest review.

21 thoughts on “Rocksbox Jewelry Fun

  1. adriana says:

    Looking at Rocksbox unveilings are my favorite thing to do haha! Those earrings, I mean… I need them in my life! I just sent my box back and am waiting for my next one, it’s always a good mail day when a new Rocksbox comes!!

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