Rocksbox Review Update + Try It Free!

Rocksbox Review Update and Three Statement NecklacesDo you love jewelry as much as I do? Do you constantly buy new jewelry only to find yourself tossing it aside after a few months? Would you like to try before you buy or play around with new jewelry and send it back when you get tired of it? If so, I have a fun subscription box for you to try. I’ve been using Rocksbox for about a year now and I love it! It’s been awhile since I posted anything about it (see my previous Rocksbox review) so I thought I’d give you guys an updated Rocksbox review, plus a promo code so you can try it yourself for free!

Rocksbox Review Perry Street Flora Crystal Necklace

Perry Street Flora Crystal Necklace

The Basics of Rocksbox

Rocksbox is basically a jewelry rental subscription box. You get to try three pieces in each box and once you’re sick of them or would like something new, you just send them back and they send you a new box! I have to admit, I was totally against this box at the beginning and never thought I’d be writing a positive Rocksbox review but now I’m completely hooked. It really is a lot of fun getting new jewelry to wear all the time. I love trying new things and Rocksbox gives me the chance to try jewelry styles that I wouldn’t normally wear and see if I like them. If I do, I can keep the piece and send the rest of my box back to Rocksbox. I get to buy an item that I know I like at a pretty good discount (you never pay full price with Rocksbox).

Rocksbox Review Update Loren Hope Chevron Statement Necklace in Electric Purple

Loren Hope Chevron Statement Necklace in Electric Purple

How Much and What’s In It For You

Rocksbox recently made some great changes to their program that I’m so happy about. Every month, you pay $21 and you get $21 in Shine Credit that you can use toward anything in your box. Basically, if you buy anything from your box, the subscription is free! You also get an extra $10 off if you keep all of the jewelry in your box. And since you can send your box back as often as you’d like, if you don’t find something you want to keep in your first box you can send it back and try again. The turnaround time is great too, as soon as my mailman picks up the box, Rocksbox starts working on a new one. Sometimes they mail it out the same day so I don’t have to wait very long for my next box.

Rocksbox Review Perry Street Tiana Crystal Necklace

Perry Street Tiana Crystal Necklace

Work With A Stylist To Get Jewelry You Love

What I love about the program is the wish list. I can save items that I would like to try and my Rocksbox stylist will pull from those for each box. I get at least one wish list item in every box and I’ve gotten as many as three. Even better, I can leave my stylist feedback and tell her what I want in my next box. For example, with this box I asked for only statement necklaces and specified that I would like one silver and two gold necklaces. I loved what I got: the Perry Street Flora Crystal Necklace, the Loren Hope Chevron Statement Necklace in Electric Purple, and the Perry Street Tiana Crystal Necklace. All three necklaces are big and bold and super cute. In the past I have requested specific pieces to wear for special events or I’ve been fairly vague and asked for things like gold, sparkly pieces. If I want to use my Shine Credit but am on a tight budget that month, I’ll ask them to send me pieces within a certain price range. Now you can even send them a picture of an outfit and they’ll pick jewelry to go with it. It’s always fun to see what my stylist comes up with.

Rocksbox Review Three Statement Necklaces

Why I Love It

Like I said, at first I did not like the idea of Rocksbox. Why would I pay to rent jewelry when I could just buy some instead? Now that I’ve actually tried it, I’m addicted and even though I’ve been getting boxes for almost a year, I still have so much fun trying new jewelry. It is so fun getting a box in the mail filled with sparkly goodies and now that Rocksbox gives you the full amount of the subscription in Shine Credit every month, I don’t feel like I’m spending money for nothing. Plus, you can buy any of the pieces in your box at a pretty good discount to begin with so that combined with the Shine Credit makes Rocksbox a great deal! They also have a sale shop if you’re in the mood to buy something that isn’t in your box (but you can’t use your monthly credit in the shop).

I also love trying new jewelry. I’ve gotten the chance to try things that I would have bought only to find out they weren’t for me (ear climbers anyone? I really wanted to buy some but after trying them in a box I found out they hurt my ears so bad and I cannot wear them). And I’ve tried things that I wouldn’t have bought and found out I loved them! I am so obsessed with statement necklaces now and I love the big stud earrings that I wore here. Rocksbox is also a great option if you need new jewelry for a special event but aren’t going to wear it much afterwards. As a fashion blogger, it also helps me a lot with outfit posts! I always have something new to feature and cute jewelry can really elevate a look.

They have their own pieces that you won’t find anywhere else plus they have big brands like Gorjana (one of my faves), Kendra Scott, and House of Harlow and they recently added Kate Spade which I’m really excited about! Since jewelry can be so trendy and pricey at times it’s nice to be able to wear a piece for a bit then send it back. I would never spend $90 on a statement necklace but if I can wear a $90 statement necklace for a few weeks then send it back and try something new… Take this latest box for example. The retail on these three statement necklaces is $221, which I would never spend, but I’ve sure liked wearing them and I can’t wait to see what I get in my next box!

Try It For Free

I hope my Rocksbox review convinces you to try it! Rocksbox is seriously so much fun and I’m really glad I tried it out. You can try it for free for a month if you’re not totally convinced, just sign up at and use the referral code mollybbff294.

Let me know if you have any other questions that I didn’t cover in my Rocksbox review!

Have you tried Rocksbox?


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      Since it’s a monthly subscription they have you enter your cc info. Your first month is free but unless you cancel your subscription you will be charged monthly after that!

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