Sephora Favorites Give Me Some Lip Set

Sephora Favorites Give Me Some LipI just picked up the Sephora Favorites Give Me Some Lip Set. This is a six piece lip sampler set featuring 5 deluxe samples and 1 full size lip gloss in pink and nude shades. It retails for $25 here. I love these sampler sets from Sephora. They are a nice way to try new products or colors without spending a lot of money. If you’re interested, get it quickly because these sets don’t stick around for long!

Sephora Favorites Give Me Some LipThe Sephora Favorites Give Me Some Lip set contains a full size (0.20 oz) Smashbox Be Legendary Gloss in Pout and deluxe samples of Bite High Pigment Lip Pencil (0.05 oz) in Meritage, Marc Jacobs Lust for Lacquer Lip Vinyl (0.02 oz) in Kissability, Buxom Full-On Lip Cream (0.07 oz) in White Russian, NARS Lip Gloss (0.12 oz) in Orgasm, and Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick (0.03 oz) in Naked.

smashbox poutI was expecting Smashbox’s Be Legendary Gloss in Pout to be a light pink. It is described as a pale blue pink, but in person it’s more of a very light nude color, and it looks almost white on. This is a color that will only work layered over something darker. It has a thicker texture and is my least favorite color in the kit. I wish one of the other samples was full size instead of this one. $20 for 0.20 oz here.

bite meritageI was pleasantly surprised by Bite’s High Pigment Lip Pencil in Meritage. It’s described as a brick red and I thought it would be too dark and brown for me but in person it’s very wearable. It’s almost a natural shade of red vs a standout shade of red, and it’s sheer enough to be worn easily. I like lip pencils because they are so easy to use and this one is great because it’s a twist up instead of a pencil that needs to be sharpened. Full size is $24 for 0.09 oz here.

Marc Jacobs KissabilityThis Marc Jacobs Lust for Lacquer Lip Vinyl also surprised me. In pictures it looked a little too red and warm for me but in person it’s a really pretty color. It is not quite the shimmering lilac pink color that is described, but it’s a nice neutral pinky-mauve. It’s very glittery and the sample isn’t very big, most of the tube is filled by the wand. It’s a nice light gloss but it’s tingly in a minty way. I notice a lot more tingling than with the Buxom gloss, so if you are sensitive to that, you might want to stay away from this gloss. I’ve also seen a lot of reviews that say the packaging leaks. This will probably be the first color in the set I run out of, just because it’s so much smaller than the others. Full size is $28 for 0.16 oz here.

buxom white russianI think Sephora includes Buxom’s Full-On Lip Cream in White Russian in a lot of their sets, but this is the first one I’ve ever gotten. I love Buxom’s lip glosses, so I was excited to try this. It’s a pinky-nude that’s creamy, not sparkly. This is one of Buxom’s tingly plumping glosses which irritates some people, but it’s fine on me. It isn’t nearly as bad as the Marc Jacobs gloss. This gloss has a vanilla smell and is on the thicker side but isn’t sticky. The color will probably be too pale for most people and will need to be layered, but on me it’s a nice nude color. Full size is $19 for 0.14 oz here.

nars orgasmI just reviewed this lip gloss by NARS here. It’s a peachy-pink color with a lot of gold shimmer and I like the formula. The color is nice but would have liked to see something else since this was offered as a 100 point perk at Sephora not too long ago. Full size is $26 for 0.18 oz here.

urban decay nakedI love Urban Decay’s Revolution lipsticks. They are creamy and moisturizing with just enough shine. Naked is a gorgeous pinky-nude color that is highly pigmented. I love this color because it is a nice nude everyday color that isn’t brown. I had actually been wanting this lipstick, so I was happy to see it included in the set. The full size is $22 for 0.09 oz here.

Sephora Favorites Give Me Some LipSmashbox Pout, Bite Meritage, Marc Jacobs Kissability, Buxom White Russian, NARS Orgasm, Urban Decay Naked

Overall I am really happy with the Sephora Favorites Give Me Some Lip Set, although it’s a little gloss heavy for me. I would have liked to see one less gloss and one more lipstick or lip pencil. I also would have liked if one of the other lippies was a full size instead of the Smashbox gloss (preferably the Urban Decay lipstick). It would have been nice if the NARS lip gloss was a different color, or if the set had more of a range of colors instead of sticking to pinks/nudes. These colors are all fairly light, so they probably won’t work for everyone. Still, for $25 this is a great deal. The Sephora Favorites Give Me Some Lip Set is available at Sephora.


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  1. Dina says:

    Hi, Molly & Stacie!

    I also recently reviewed this kit from Sephora. Such a great value! I agree with your comments about “Pout” – I’ve also been layering it over darker colors.


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