Shiseido Perfect Rouge Fuchsia RS320

shiseido_rs320When it comes to lipstick, I have to own almost every pink out there. I usually find myself sticking to the same few brands for the most part but I recently branched out and tried a brand for the first time. Shiseido is known for their luxury skincare but I don’t really hear much about their makeup. Despite not knowing much about it, I picked up one of their lipsticks, the Shiseido Perfect Rouge Fuchsia RS320.

emma 2I’ve been coveting this color since I found out it was the one Emma Stone wore here. I loved her entire look but I was obsessed with her lip color. The bright, creamy pink was different than every other pink I owned and it made such a statement on her. I loved this color paired with her minimalistic eyes and light pink cheeks. In fact, it might be one of my favorite beauty looks ever. So of course I had to get the same lipstick for myself.

shiseido_rs320_2Shiseido Perfect Rouge comes in a sleek black case with an unusual shape that makes it easy to spot in a makeup drawer.

shiseido_rs320_6The lipstick is incredibly creamy and soft, in fact it melted just slightly in transit. It’s a gorgeous bright pink with purple undertones.

shiseido perfect rouge fuchsia rs320I was initially a little surprised by how purple it was when swatched. It doesn’t look quite as purple in person as in photos but it’s definitely a purple-leaning pink. The Shiseido Perfect Rouge Fuchsia RS320 is a very opaque color, one swipe was all I used for the swatches. I love how it has some shine to it.

shiseido perfect rouge fuchsia rs320I can’t get over just how creamy this lipstick is. I barely had to touch it to my lips to get opaque coverage with full color payoff. This feels so nice on the lips and although it’s creamy it doesn’t move around or bleed. This does transfer quite a bit but it feels so nice on the lips. Once again, it’s more pink than it looks in these photos but it still has a lot of purple in it.

shiseido_rs320_9If I blot my lips slightly it gets rid of a lot of the purple and you can see that this is truly a pink lipstick. I love to wear it like this also. This is such a fun, versatile color and I’m so glad I picked it up. It’s so different than most bright pinks and I haven’t been able to find anything else quite like it. It really does make a statement while still being extremely wearable and the formula is awesome. I love how soft and creamy it is and I like how the purple undertones make this a great pink to wear during the cooler months. I also love how I can pretend like I’m Emma Stone when I wear it. :) Shiseido Perfect Rouge Fuchsia RS320 is $25 here.


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