Stila Color Me Pretty Lip & Cheek Palette

Stila Color Me Pretty Lip & Cheek PaletteBlush is one of my favorite beauty products. I love how a pop of color on my cheeks brightens my face, even if that’s all I’m wearing. In fact, my favorite quick makeup look involves blush, lots of mascara, and a swipe of bright lipstick. Some of my favorite blushes are Stila’s Convertible Colors. They are a cream blush that you can also use on your lips, although I find they’re usually a little too pale, don’t last very long, and can be drying on my lips, so I stick to my cheeks. They are super pigmented so a little goes a long way and I love how they melt into my skin and give me just a hint of a dewy glow. I also like how I can apply them with my fingers and get the color right where I want it. Plus, that makes them easy to apply on the go. Stila’s Convertible Colors are long-lasting and the cream formula makes them look very natural and not powdery. It is easy to sheer out or build up the colors to get the look you want. I’ve collected quite a few Convertible Colors over the years from Stila’s travel palettes (most of which were exclusive to those palettes which is a shame because I loved certain colors) and I recently spotted Stila’s Color Me Pretty Lip & Cheek Palette on sale so I grabbed it immediately.

Stila Color Me Pretty Lip & Cheek PaletteThe Stila Color Me Pretty Lip & Cheek Palette contains 5 convertible colors, most of which have been part of their permanent line except for Kitten, which is exclusive to this palette. The Color Me Pretty Palette has Kitten (champagne), Peony (brownish rose), Gerbera (peachy pink), Rose (brownish red), and Petunia (coral pink). The five colors come in a lightweight tin that is sturdy but a little bulky. I would have liked to see slimmer packaging for this set, but I also like having so many choices in one package.

Stila Color Me Pretty Lip & Cheek Palette

Kitten, Peony, Gerbera, Rose, Petunia

Kitten is a little different from the other Convertible Colors because it’s a highlight shade, not a blush or lip color. I prefer cream highlighters to powder because they really melt into your skin instead of sitting on top of it and the Kitten Convertible Color is no exception. It has a golden shimmer and the cream formula makes it easy to add a little or a lot of highlight wherever you want it. I like to use another Convertible Color as a blush and then tap Kitten onto my cheekbones for just a little glow. I also like to dab just a bit in the center of my lips over lipstick. Peony is a popular Convertible Color. It’s a brown-leaning rose color that looks nice with a tan or for a more natural look. Gerbera is my favorite color from this set, and the only one that I had tried previously. I actually bought this set mostly for Gerbera because I love it so much. In the pan it looks like an opaque peachy brown color, something that would not be very flattering on, but it is actually a pretty peachy pink that looks very natural and bright. If Peony is a summer wear-with-my-tan color, Gerbera is its spring brighten-my-complexion cousin. Rose is a brownish red color that is a little dark and red in the pan, but works on my fair skin if I use a light hand. It’s a darker, redder version of peony and looks nice in fall and winter. Rose is the only color from the set that might work for a lip color on me. Petunia is similar to Gerbera but more bright, more pink, and more sheer. It’s a great summer color.

I feel like you really have to wear the Convertible Colors to see if you like them. I’ve tried so many different colors that looked wrong in the pan but lovely on the face. From this set, Gerbera is my favorite, followed by Kitten and Petunia. Peony and Rose are colors that I probably wouldn’t buy again, but they still look really nice on. I just prefer pink and peach blushes to browns and reds. The Stila Color Me Pretty Lip & Cheek Palette is currently out of stock on Stila’s website, but you might be able to find it at another retailer. Or you can buy individuals of the different shades (except for Kitten) from or Ulta, $25 for 0.15 oz.


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