Stila Countless Color Pigments

Stila Countless Color Pigments

Tie Dye, Melody, Light Show, Center Stage, Lyric

I love bright makeup during the summer, and the Stila Countless Color Pigments certainly fit the bill. I’m a big Stila fan- they were the first higher-end makeup brand I got into, and I still love their products. These pans are super pigmented, long-lasting, and BRIGHT, with a slight pearl finish. Stila uses an innovative pressing and baking process to make these, and no two are alike. Stila doesn’t market these strictly as eye shadows, they are designed to be used wherever you want lots of color.  I’ve found that most of them are best for eyes, but some work well as blush or bronzer. You can use each color in the pan individually, swirl or blend them together to create new colors, or simply drag your brush across the pan for a gradient effect. If you swirl colors together and want to go back to using each color individually, just brush off the top layer. Each pan comes in a color-coordinated plastic case with a window on the top, which makes it easy to find the one you’re looking for. They snap shut and are easy to travel with. These pans are just fun to look at. I own five colors of the Stila Countless Color Pigments: Tie Dye, Melody, Light Show, Center Stage, and Lyric.

Stila Countless Color PigmentsTie Dye was the first of the Stila Countless Color Pigments I purchased. I’m a big fan of blues and purples, so I had to have this one. It’s a great blend of dark bright purple, light bright blue, and bright baby pink. Even though these are standout shades, I find them to be very flattering on. I like to use Tie Dye for a gradient eye look. I use the pink color for my inner eye, blue in the middle, and purple by my outer eye. Stila’s Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner in black looks really nice with these colors, but I also like to use dark blue and dark purple liners with it.

Stila Countless Color PigmentsThese are one swipe of each color- pink, purple, and blue, and then all the colors swirled together. You can see how bright and pigmented they are! The Stila Countless Color Pigments are not for the faint of heart, although they do make a couple in more neutral colors. They have just the slightest pearl finish- these are not super shimmery, but they’re not completely matte either, which I think makes them more wearable. I’ve found that a lot of matte colors can drag along the eyelid, but these blend perfectly. It is difficult sometimes if you’re mixing colors together to get each eye to look the same, but if you mix the colors and do both eyes instead of one at a time, it’s a lot easier. Tie Dye’s colors are true to pan when worn.

Stila Countless Color PigmentsNext is Melody. The shades in Melody aren’t as varied as some of the other pans. Melody consists of a light pink-purple, medium pink-purple, and dark purple. The colors aren’t as distinct as the ones in Tie Dye- these ones blend together more. I was really excited to get Melody when I saw it online, but it’s a little disappointing in person. I was looking forward to some pretty purples, but Melody leans really pink on me. I thought I would be able to use it for some more subtle colorful looks, ones that would be ok for every day, but Melody turns so pink on me that it doesn’t quite work. It also seems to get pinker as the day goes on, but maybe that’s just my imagination. I’ve tried to mellow Melody out by putting a cream or light tan shadow over it, but these are so pigmented that it doesn’t do much.

Stila Countless Color PigmentsHere are swatches of Melody- light purple, medium purple, dark purple, and all three mixed together. You can see how pink the medium purple is. The dark purple isn’t bad but it’s hard to get just the dark purple out of the pan without picking up the other colors too, and even then it leans a little pink. These colors are really pretty though, so I will keep experimenting to see if I can make them work.

Stila Countless Color PigmentsLight Show is a combination of colors that I don’t usually wear, but I though would be a nice change of pace. My pan has four different colors- yellow, yellow-green, a medium denim blue, and a darker navy blue. The yellow and green are hard to get out without picking up the other, but that’s just how my pan is swirled.

Stila Countless Color PigmentsThese colors are a little different on than they are in the pan. Here you can see the yellow, yellow-green, medium blue and navy blue, plus all of the colors swirled together. Since the yellow is hard to get by itself, it turns more green when on, but it’s not as green as the yellow-green color. The medium blue comes out a little lighter and when the navy blue is swatched it has a green tint to it. These colors lean a little too yellow for me, but they are wearable if I use more of the blue shades. They are really pretty all mixed together, but it’s hard to get an even color that way. These look nice with dark blue eyeliner, but I feel they are a little too yellow for green eyeliner (at least the ones that I own).

Stila Countless Color PigmentsAt first I wasn’t sure if I needed Center Stage because I thought the pink and blue were too close to the colors in Tie Dye, but after seeing it in person, I decided I wanted it. While the pinks and blues are similar, the colors in Center Stage are just a little lighter. The addition of peach also makes this a more neutral Countless Color Pigment (at least compared to some of the others I own). These colors are still bright, but they create more of a softer, more wearable summer look.

Stila Countless Color PigmentsHere you can see the pink, peach, and blue colors, as well as what they look like when swirled together. These are softer colors, much easier to wear and blend than some of the other Countless Color Pigments. When swirled together, they create a soft purple color. I like the gradient effect I got with the swirled swatch. This looks pretty with lighter eyeliners- light blues, purples, and even pinks or grays.

Stila Countless Color PigmentsLyric is the only Countless Color Pigment I have that I don’t use on my eyes. While the light pink, bright pink, and soft orange shades would work as eye shadow, I prefer to use this pan for blush. Since this is super pigmented, a little goes a long way, just make sure to swirl your brush on your cheeks so the colors get mixed together well.

Stila Countless Color PigmentsThe colors in Lyric are pretty enough on their own, but hard to get out individually with a blush brush. Here you can see swatches of the light pink, bright pink, and orange, and what the colors look like mixed together. You can see how pigmented the colors are. They blend together really well to create a gorgeous blush shade- a nice mix of pink with just a hint of orange for warmth, and just a slight pearl finish.

Stila Countless Color PigmentsI love the Stila Countless Color Pigments (if you haven’t noticed). They come in a great variety of colors, and I like how each pan is different. Each pan has so many different shades and uses, and they are incredibly pigmented. Plus, they look gorgeous. I love these shades during the summer, but they have other colors that would work well for fall/winter. These came out last year, but Light Show and Melody are still on Stila’s website (on sale for $8!) and they are all available for full price ($22) on (still worth it for full price- look at how many colors you get in each pan). I’ve also seen them marked down at Nordstrom Rack recently. Tie Dye is still my favorite of the Stila Countless Color Pigments, but I also really like Center Stage and Lyric. Melody and Light Show are also great, they just require a little more work to look good on me.

Have you tried any of the Stila Countless Color Pigments?


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